What is DVST8 BBD by Inspired Nutraceuticals? 

DVST8 BBD by Inspired Nutraceuticals is a powerful pre-workout formula which offers a serious energy boost and powers up your muscular endurance to fuel athletic performance even through long, gruelling workout sessions. 

Packing an intense, stimulating rush with 375mg of caffeine per serving, DVST8 BBD also contains clinical doses of Beta-Alanine and L-Citrulline which maximise energy pathways and enable the transportation of nutrient rich blood to working muscle groups, which minimises fatigue and helps delay the effects of lactic acid build up. 

Not built for beginners, DVST8 BBD is a heavy-hitting formula which supports increased training intensity and volume, so you can hit the gym hard today and even harder tomorrow..

How does it work?

As a high energy pre-workout formula, DVST8 BBD has a significant (375mg) caffeine dosage with every serve, so you will receive an energy boost as you walk through the doors of the gym.

With an added nootropic blend, DVST8 BBD also supports cognitive function and has been shown to improve clarity, focus and even memory, delivering results not just to your physical performance, but upping your brain game too.

And because of its nitric oxide enablers, DVST8 BBD delays the onset of muscle fatigue, which allows you to train harder, for longer.

Who is DVST8 BBD suitable for? 

DVST8 BBD is a surefire way to build muscle and perform at your peak, thanks to its significant energy boosting and fat burning properties.

Formulated to attack training and physique goals on multiple fronts, DVST8 BBD lifts your physical and mental game from the outset so you can train like a beast at workout time. And because it contains metabolic ingredients designed to enable fat metabolism, the effects of DVST8 BBD carry on well into your next meal, and even your work day.

When should I use it?
As with all of our products, we recommend following manufacturer guidelines when using DVST8 BBD.

With such a significant caffeine content, DVST8 BBD is not for light to moderate gym goers - its designed for the hardcore, and those who are familiar with highy stimulating pre-wrkout products. We obviously don’t recommend using DVST8 BBD if you have any caffeine sensitivities or intolerances. 

Our thoughts
If you’re looking for the ultimate high energy pre-workout, you can’t go past DVST8 BBD.

It’s a scientifically blended formula, chock full of potent ingredients which will help you unleash unbelievable athletic performance. Where some pre-workouts fall short, by delivering training energy but not much else, DVST8 BBD contains further ingredients to enable mental clarity, cognitive performance, and even metabolic properties.

All of this combines to make DVST8 BBD a seriously powerful weapon in your training arsenal because it helps you train harder, faster and for longer, giving you energy to burn once you get in the gym and stoking the fire of your metabolism even as you continue into your day.

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