What is ISO100 by Dymatize? 

ISO100 by Dymatize is an award-winning 100% whey protein isolate which is formulated for lean, clean, unbeatable muscle gains. 

ISO100 combines incredible flavour with high quality ingredients to fuel your best ever athletic performance, surpassing Dymatize’s market reputation for enabling lean muscle gain and supercharging fat loss - basically making it the perfect post-workout supplement.

ISO100 is also designed to be rapidly digested, so it is immediately available to refuel tired muscles after a heavy training session, and be put to work repairing torn muscle fibres to expedite the recovery process straight after. ISO100 is also crafted for purity and quality, to reduce indigestion, bloating and gastrointestinal issues, meaning it is suitable even for sensitive stomachs. 

How does it work?

Like all whey protein supplements, ISO100 works by enabling our body’s anabolic systems and encouraging protein synthesis, the process by which we utilise ingested protein to build and repair muscle fibres.

Distinct from some other protein powders, ISO100 is ultra premium and highly bioavailable - it is designed to be rapidly digested and absorbed, so its protein content is available immediately after a training session to allow you to rebuild and grow those muscles.

ISO100 also plays a key role in your body’s muscle recovery, delaying fatigue and reducing the onset of DOMs so you will still feel relaxed and recovered, even after a heavy leg day.

Who is ISO100 suitable for?
ISO100 is suitable for anyone with serious muscle building and/or fat loss goals. Protein is a critical micronutrient when it comes to athletic performance, because of the dual role it plays in building your muscles and improving how you feel post-session, so ISO100 is the right choice for those who undertake intense training sessions.

ISO100 is also specifically formulated for those who have had negative experiences with whey protein, or generally find digestion an issue - it’s increased digestive compounds make ISO100 gentle on the stomach to reduce bloating, discomfort and indigestion.

When should I use it?
As with all of our products, we recommend you adhere to manufacturer guidelines when using ISO100.

To make the most of your post-training anabolic window, and to encourage your body to utilise its protein content to build new muscle tissue and repair damage after the fact, ISO100 is best taken straight after (10-15 minutes) you finish your workout.

Our thoughts
ISO100 by Dymatize is the ultimate in premium protein supplements, from pretty much every angle.

Formulated using 100% whey protein isolate, ISO100 is super low in calories and comes with an impressive macronutrient profile, meaning it’s a great option even for those athletes on strictly controlled diets.

ISO100 is also built for better digestion, and the ridiculously good flavour profiles make it more like a delicious treat than a nutritious beverage. For anyone looking to build serious muscle mass and drop body fat, ISO100 is the natural, effective choice.

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