Dynamik Muscle Launches

We’ve seen snippets on information here and there but Dynamik Muscle has now officially launched in the US.

This is founded and powdered by IFBB champion Kai Greene.

This supplement line is designed and formulated by Kai himself.

Previously a long-term athlete with Musclemeds Kai has ventured out on his own to create something really special.

Dynamik Muscle Products

Savage Roar:

This is a high energy complete pre-workout supplement. Looks good and packs some innovative ingredients and flavours.


Pump based,stimulant free pre-workout supplement. Designed for late night workouts and to be stacked with Savage Roar as well. The standout in this one is the epicatechin. This is normally found in muscle builders. Touted to inhibit myostatin this is actually great for pumps and dosing looks good on paper.


Thermogenic fat burner. This is the standout of the products for me. Very innovative and has some patented ingredients not previously seen in fat burners before. Stimulant blend also looks good without being over the top.On paper Eviscerate looks to be one of the most unique fat burners seen in some time.


A dual purpose test booster and libido booster. Some ingredients may look a little ineffective as test booster but are effective libido enhancers.

From checking out the formulas on the products they all look quite good. A mix of the proven effective basics with some cutting edge compounds not previously seen much/if at all in supplements before.

The entire range uses transparent ingredient dosing as well. This is good to see and makes a bold statement of nothing to hide. There’s a balancing at between transparency and protecting the hard work that goes into formulas/research. However Dynamik Muscle have launched with confidence in their brands/products will full transparency throughout.

Dynamik Muscle looks promising so stay tuned for the Australian release.

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