Eat These Foods To Burn Stubborn Fat

Eat These Foods To Burn Stubborn Fat

Changing body composition can be a daunting task when you begin.

On paper, losing weight seems like an easy task, consume fewer calories than what you expend throughout the day.

However, if you don't know exactly what foods to eat, it can be hard to figure out exactly how many calories you are actually eating!

However, once you get your healthy eating plan to check the task can become significantly easier. To help you on your weight loss journey, we have created a list of foods to burn stubborn fat.

Basing your diet on these specific foods is a sure fire way to ramp up your metabolic rate, and flip that fat burning switch.

Want to know what foods to eat? Eat These Foods To Burn Stubborn Fat:


Nuts are loaded with healthy fat, protein, and fiber, this will give you longer lasting energy and leave you feeling more satisfied.


Chicken and other lean white meats are a great source of protein, so while losing body fat you will lose less muscle and feel more satisfied

Dairy Products

Milk has a large amount of calcium and protein making it great for muscle growth. More muscle = more fat burning.


Avocados are an amazing combination of monounsaturated fats and fiber, which helps you to stay satisfied.


Berries are loaded with fiber, these naturally sweet treats can improve satiety and reduce cravings as you’re burning fat.


A wonderful natural source of animal protein and healthy fats, eggs help keep you satisfied and provide great energy so you can maintain muscle while you’re burning fat.

Olive oil

Olive Oil is loaded with monounsaturated fats, these are your healthy fats which can aid weight loss.


Fish is a great meal to help grow muscle as it's loaded with protein. It also contains very minimal fats, making it a very lean protein source.

Dark leafy greens

Dark, leafy veggies contain loads of iron which supports efficient oxygen transport throughout your body. So your green salad helps you maximize your workout by building muscle at the same time you’re burning fat.


Grapefruit is the clear winner at regulating blood sugar above all juices as it has a ton of fiber, which helps slow down the breakdown of sugar to reduce blood sugar spikes and stabilize your appetite.

Green tea

Drinking green tea regularly has been linked to increased thermogenesis.


Capsaicin is one of the most active compounds in chili, It has been shown to aid an increase in metabolism.

Whey protein

Whey can support muscle repair, building, and retention and since muscle burns more calories than fat, it helps support a fast metabolism.

Whole grains

Carbs are your body’s fuel which it breaks down into glucose for energy. People cut out carbs for weight loss, but this is prohibitory for long-term weight loss, regularly eating complex carbohydrates actually helps your metabolism.

Beans and legumes

Beans and legumes are a brilliant source of protein to help burn fat, build muscle, and keep you satisfied.


If you're looking to ramp up your fat loss, flip that switch and get the hard, lean body you have been dreaming of. Try out these foods to burn stubborn fat!

For best result, we recommend combining these fat burning foods with some great supplements.

Some supplements which can help support weight loss include:

  • Myoblox Rubix: Rubix is a non-stimulant thermogenic product which will get your body fired up and allow for an increase in thermogenic potential you have never felt before.
  • Hybrid Nutrition Actv8 Shred: Actv8 Shred is a well rounded thermogenic product designed to kickstart thermogenesis and put your body into a fat burning state while training.
  • Redcon1 Isotope: Isotope is a lean whey protein which will help grow muscle tissue, metabolize body fat and achieve an overall better body composition.

If you have any questions at any time with regards to your diet, training or supplementation you can always contact the Spartansuppz team at any of the stores or online via the socials

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