Eating Healthy on Easter

There are certain times of year where we should enjoy them and put aside any feelings of guilt for enjoying a little treat or two... Easter is one of them. However, everything in moderation is recommended. Here are some tips on how to be cautious of going overboard and keep on track over the sweetest holiday of the year...

What you don't buy, you won't eat - simple!

If you're planning on buying Easter treats, only buy in a small quanity. Buy an item you know you will enjoy and savour the moment while consuming it. You will appreciate that one treat a whole lot more rather than buying a dozen chocolates, consuming them all then feeling sick and guilty afterwards.

Keep in mind, buying chocolate, go for a darker chocolate option. The darker the chocolate, the more antioxidants is contains. Try opt for an over 60% cocoa option.

We also suggest keeping your home stocked with healthy, nutritious items. That way you are less inclined to choose the unhealthier alternatives.

Keep sweets for dessert only...

By consuming chocolate or sugar on an empty stomach will spike blood sugar levels like crazy! It will put your hunger and energy levels on a wild roller coaster ride! To avoid this happening, it's best to consume sweets after a balanced meal. Your blood sugar levels will love that little bit more particularly if your meal is high protein or high fibre meal before hand.

Opt for wholegrain Hot Cross Buns!

By choosing wholegain, your hot cross buns will be more filling, contain more fibre and be more nutritios in vitamins and minerals. You can find these in health food store or some bakeries.

Sharing is caring...

If your worried about eating too much or all the sweets options around you, share half with friends or family. That way you can still enjoy your treat but consume in moderation and be aware of portion control.

Reasearch shows chocolate is not bad for body weight...

Now this will definetly put some guilt aside. Research does show that consuming chocolate every now and then can actually lower your BMI. However, the key is to consume in moderation.

Studies have also shown, if your deny your food craving, you are more inclined to over indulged when coming into contact with them. Have and keep a healthy mind by enjoying things in moderation.

Try raw chocolate...

Cocao is chocolate in its raw form. Cocao is packed with antioxidant, calcuim and potassium. It also has to benefits of reducing stress and imporing mood - we'll have one of those! It can also be used for cooking such as adding to smoothies or sprinkling on top of food.

Record your intake...

You may want to use apps such as 'Myfitnesspal' to keep you on track. It has been proven, that those who monitor and record their food intake are more likely to lose twice as much weight as those who did not.


To balance out the treat weekend, try and squeeze and workout(s) in. That way you may not feel as guilty and the extra food you may indulge in should not matter as much. As Easter is a special friends and family weekend, why not try and get them involved in your exercise also?!


Life is too short to not enjoy the special times in life. Easter is only once a year, so we are sure, a few little treats are not going to hurt. Just consume everything in moderation.

Happy Easter all, from the Spartans Crew. Stay safe and enjoy!


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