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Love being exotic while eating out? Love trying new cuisines? Here we have stated the most popular cuisines while eating out and the healthier alternatives you can choose from.

Eating out is fun, social and often involves foods you don't usually have but on special occasions. When eating out the food often tastes better (more oil, fried food, added sugar etc.), is larger or more indulgent than your regular meals. However, if you are being health conscious, watching your calorie intake or on a strict diet regime, we want you to know, eating out does not have to be a daunting experience.

Consider these eating out swap options to make your dining experience a more balanced, healthy and lower calorie meal.

Bon a petite!


Steer Clear of...

  • Creamy Pasta e.g. Cabornara
  • Creamy Pesto
  • Garlic bread
  • Butter sauces
  • Deep dish or Thick crust pizza bases
  • Watch pasta portion sizes
  • Heavy meat or sausage dishes
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Heavy cheese based dishes

Healthy Order Options...

  • Napolitana
  • Marinara
  • Soups e.g. Minestroni
  • Salads - be wary of dressings, nuts and cheese toppings
  • Anything from the grill e.g. grilled seafood
  • Thin Crust Pizza

Pub, Hotel or Sports Bar

Steer Clear of...

  • Crumbed, battered or fried protein e.g. Fish, Kiev's or schnitzel
  • Creamy salads e.g. Caesar, blue cheese dressing
  • Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Burgers

Healthy Order Options...

  • Grilled or Roasted meats
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Salads with dressing on the side
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Burgers without the bun


Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese cuisines are some popular Asian delight favourites.

Steer Clear of...

  • Fried Rice
  • Coconut Milk
  • Peanut Sauces
  • Spring Rolls
  • Fried Meats
  • Friend dumplings

Healthy Order Options...

  • Stir fried vegetables
  • Stir fried meats
  • Steamed rice
  • Steamed dumplings
  • Asian salads (watch out for fried noodles tossed within)
  • Stir fry with Ginger, chilli, basil, pepper or garlic based
  • Clear soups such as Tom Yum


Steer Clear of...

  • Coconut Milk based curries
  • Naan bread
  • Desserts - many Indian desserts are milk and and cream based
  • Rice - dishes often come with an abundant amount of rice. For males 3-4-1cup of rice is recommended where for females 1/3-1/2 a cup is a better portion size
  • Malai curries are very heavily creamed based
  • Makhani is very heavily butter or cream based
  • Masala is often very richly oil or cream based
  • Samosas

Healthy Order Options...

  • Roti bread is a lighter option than Naan
  • Lentils
  • Paneer
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Tandoori flamed lean meats
  • Dhal
  • Rasam soup
  • Rogan Josh
  • Chettinad
  • Okra Masala


    Steer Clear of...

    • Refried
    • Cheese and bean enchiladas
    • Salads - often are filled with taco shells which can a whopping 400 calories to your meal
    • Guacamole
    • Sour cream
    • Cheese
    • Shell tacos
    • Nachos

    Healthy Order Options...

    • Fajitas - as you build your own, you can load with correct portion sizes
    • Burrito bowls - as this skips the tortilla
    • Black beans
    • Salads with no taco shells or heavy cream dressings
    • Lean chicken or shrimp
    • Pico de gallo
    • Corn on the cob - watch it is not coated in butter
    • Avocado
    • burritos, enchiladas, soft tacos, tamales - as these are not friend breads. If available ask for wholegrain options.
    • Lettuce wrap
    • Soup - stick to a cup rather than a bowl
    • Vegetables

    Available Apps

    For further piece of mind, you may like to know there are apps available that could help you monitor your calorie intake, macros or see if a meal fits yours macros (IIFYM) e.g. ‘Myfitnesspal’. Another useful tip is to plan ahead – ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’. You could either Google or use the available app ‘Zomato’ to pre read the menu of the restaurant in advance. This way you could plan your meals for the day around your eating out or estimate your calorie intake. It also saves the extra stress of deciding there and then at the restaurant… you will know exactly what you need on arrival.

    Last Minute Tips...

    Remember, when eating out you don't have to order exactly what is in the dish or menu just to be polite. It is a restaurants commitment and obligation to make their customers happy and should be happy to help with any requests you may have. Restaurant serving sizes are often quite substantial. Also remember everyone is getting the same serving size... this means a 6ft solid male is getting the same as a petite 5ft female... someone is obviously getting the wrong portion control size. Be wary of your serving size and most restaurants should allow you to take leftover home.

    Eat your food slowly, breathe and appreciate the food and atmosphere. This will allow yourself to enjoy and savour the food more rather than inhale it.

    Enjoy eating out and know your healthy options rather than dread and endure it. Just remember, if you do decide to not eat as clean while out, one bad meal isn’t going to make you fat, like one healthy meal will not make you skinny.

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