What is Pride by EHP Labs? 

Pride by EHP Labs is a comprehensive pre-workout which is specifically designed to enable better athletic performance from multiple angles, encouraging results like you never thought possible. 

Pride is formulated from some of the best ingredients nutritional science has to offer, including the trademarked Pentaffeine 5-stage energy release formula. This ensures you will get a significant energy boost not just as you start your session, but throughout your training and even into the rest of your day to avoid you hitting that wall.

Pride also contains a nootropic blend to encourage mental clarity, focus and recall, and nitric oxide boosters which promote muscle pumps to give you that full, hard look. All in all, Pride works to enable the best training sessions, and best athletic results, of your life.

How does it work?

Pride is blended from proven training enhancers, positioning it as a tried and tested solution with no gimmicks or uncertain ingredients.

The patented Pentaffeine is the secret weapon to longer lasting energy; with Pride, there will be no slow start to the workout, and no post-session crash which leaves you wiped for the rest of the day.

Pride works on your body and your mind, enhancing your cognitive function and ability to focus so you can channel your attention into crushing the workout in front of you.

Who is Pride suitable for?

Pride is the perfect product for anyone looking for a serious pre-workout boost. Because it is a blended product, which also has a nootropic and muscle pumping effect, it’s a good choice if you are looking for an all-in-one solution rather than having to super stack your supplements.

Pride works as a fat burner, but is better suited to those with a heavy training schedule, as it provides bulk energy which is best utilised to facilitate athletic training.

It does have a fairly significant caffeine content, so we’d recommend avoiding Pride if you are sensitive or have a caffeine intolerance.

When should I use it?

As with all of our products, we recommend following manufacturer guidelines when using Pride.

Like most pre-workouts - it makes more sense to take Pride in the earlier part of the day, when you have hours ahead to burn up the sustained release energy. Avoid taking Pride too soon before bed if you have any proclivity towards sleep difficulties. 


Our thoughts

EHP Labs’ Pride claims to be the “King of Pre Workouts”, and we think it lives up to its name!

It is much more than just an energy boost before a heavy training session - Pride also serves as a nootropic, a nitric oxide enabler, and even a mild fat burner.  Because it is thoroughly scientifically researched and backed by one of the best supplement companies in the world, you can trust Pride to pack only the safest and most effective ingredients, to produce real results.

And for ultimate fat loss and muscle building results, we’d recommend pairing Pride with the rest of the EHP Labs catalogue - particularly a high quality WPI to get that protein synthesis and muscle fibre recovery going, fast. 

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