Here are a series of physical activities you become involved in to elevate mood and encourage the production of endorphins.


If you are WORRIED... DANCE

Dancing reduces anxiety. This is because, while you dance, you are focuses on the now, the present. You are not worried about what is going on in your life, you are aware of the beat of the songs, the steps, counts and assuring you are keeping in sync. Escape into the world of dance and free your self of worry.


Intensity is key to reducing appetite. When you train hard, your hunger hormones are repressed as blood is diverted away from the gastrointestinal tract.

To involve yourself in some interval training, you should perform short bursts of intense exercise followed by a cool down and repeat several times.

For example...

If performing Cardio...

On a treadmill, you may run for 30 seconds, followed by a 1 minute past paced walk and repeat 6 times.

If weight training...

You may do higher reps with lighter weights of the chosen exercise and repeat several times or a circuit. An example of a weight exercise is... 3 rounds of...

  • 8 Front Squats - Tempo 2-1-2-1 (RPE 7)
  • 1 minute Double-Unders
  • Rest 1 minute (Last round rest 3 min)

If you are trying to PROBLEM SOLVE... RUN

While you exercise, the body's blood flow increases and brain neurons are activated. During to this action, one is able to have clearer thoughts and an improved thinking process. This happens as exercise is rhythmic with its movements.

While running, focus on keeping your breathing and strides rhythmic and movements flow. This will assist and encourage a deeper thought process.

If you are trying to STRESSED... SWIM

Swimming helps relieves stress and tension. While you sim, your sensory world is somewhat switched off. This is because, there is not much else for you sensors to process apart from you swimming. This allows your brain to be at rest.

If you find you still can't 'shut off', we suggest taking your thoughts inwards. Focus on your body, the feel of the water, keeping in rhythm, your breath etc.

'Just keep swimmin'' and let the stress fade away.

If you are ANGRY... BOX

When you feel angry, sometimes the decision you make are not the smartest option. To let your anger out safely you should try boxing. Boxing will allow you to legitimately punch equipment safely and let off some steam.

It is believed that emotions are stored in various parts of the body. For example when feeling tense, it is stored in the neck and back. For anger, it is often retained in our shoulders and jaw. Therefore, through boxing (as movements such as pushing out through your arms are involved) will release this emotion.

Exercise = Happiness

Positive thoughts, generate positive feelings which generate positive lie experiences.

Exercise proves to be good for virtually everything.

If your ever feeling in a mood... it's simple, go exercise!



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