Evan Centopani Joins Prime Nutrition!

Here at Spartans we are big fans of both Even Centopani and the guys at Prime Nutrition so when we heard they were joining forces we were pretty excited to see what will come of this partnership.

Evan has become known as the thinking mans bodybuilder and would have the be the most down to earth guy you could hope to meet so leaving long-term sponsor Universal Nutrition to join Prime is a sign of good things to come for both parties.

Prime Nutrition has the motto “The Best or Nothing” and this is backed up by them signing such an ethical guy in Evan.

Evan will not only be a poster boy and face of Prime Nutrition for their upcoming mainstream media but he will also be playing a key role in major decisions within the company and has been given the title of chief formulator.

This is a shock to the industry and the first deal of its kind with a bodybuilder not only signing as a model but actually playing a role in the future direction of the company as well.

This is a 5 year deal so expect to see big things from this partnership.

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Check out the video below for more info on how this decision came about and what’s in store for both Evan and Prime Nutrition in the future.

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