It is often a query by most... how long should I work out for? Some people exercise for an excessive amount of time. By exercising for a longer period, people think they are making more gains, training harder or burning more calories. However, training excessively is not as beneficial as you think...

So, what is the correct amount of time I should work out for you are thinking...

Well, here is the answer....


There are 3 main factors to a workout....

Volume (amount or total work)
Intensity (the degree, extent or level you are working at)
Frequency (How many times a week you are training)

From these factors, intensity is the most important!!


As we mentioned, many think, the longer you workout, the more benefits you gain from doing so.

Take a moments and think about this... The longer you train, are you going to be able to keep up the same intensity throughout the duration of your workout?

Unless you are super saiyan, the answer is no. This is why, a shorter workout time is advised so you can keep the intensity of your workout up, the entire duration of your workout.

The longer you workout out, the more you could be wasting your time... using lighter weights, performing less reps etc... you are better off keeping up the same weight, performing maximum reps and keeping the intensity level strong with a shorter workout time.


So, the key to success to get optimal results from your training is to find balance between the 3 factors - volume, intensity and frequency. For balance to take place, a recommended workout time is 30-60 minutes.

Quality over Quantity

Only 30-60 minutes? This may be a shock for a few of you. However, like anything in life, you should aim for quality over quantity. By this being said, you should be aiming for a good quality workout in a short period of time as apposed to a half effort quality workout, stretching over a longer period of time.


So overall, the longer you train, the less intensity you are able to produce. Therefore, exercise for a shorter period of time, between 30-60 minutes, putting in maximum effort which will produce maximum results and quality workouts.

You have three choices in life...

Give up, give in or give it your all!


Obviously, training at high intensity, means you need the right products to recover...

Here are some of our top products to assist and increase your recovery rate, ensuring you are able to train at the same level intensity the following workout workout day!


Protein is most beneficially taken post workout. If protein is taken post workout, it will effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis - the process that helps promote the muscle repair and growth.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

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Branch Chain Amino Acids provides many benefits, particulary during a workout! BCAA's will help with the recovry process by signaling protein synthesis for rapid muscle recovery & repair.

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Pre Workout

Want to keep your intensity up throughout the entire duration of your workout?

The best time is to consume a pre workout 30-45 prior to training as it will...

  • Boost energy and block any feelings of fatigue
  • Provide strong mental focus, stamina and endurance

All these factors will increase your training volume, reps and sets and overall performance.

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