Fat Burners

Fat Burners are a fat loss supplement. They help speed up the process of weight loss. A fat burner has 3 main goals.

To help...

  • Burn Body Fat
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Provide bursts of energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Promote fat to be used as the body's main source of energy
  • Increase the body's temperature in order for the body to burn more calories throughout the day

Fat burners are an effective supplement, however when used incorrectly, they can be useless.

Read the following pointers on which we suggest to take into consideration when supplementing a fat burner. If you follow, the fat burner you have invested in may work wonders for you and you will avoid any potential downfalls.

Unfortunately, a highly common misconception is that majority of people think of fat burners as 'magic pills'. However, we can not stress enough how diet is key! You may have hear it before, but it is the truth when they say, fat loss is based upon 70-80% diet and 20-30% exercise.

Yes, a fat loss supplement can help assist and speed up the fat loss process, however, it will not outweigh but a bad diet and exercise regime.
We suggest taking a hard and honest look at your diet and overall routine and see where you could fix it. To get that lean, toned your body you are after, you need to be eating fewer calories than your maintenance level. It will also be important to get your macronutrients on point. Also ensure you are consuming lots of protein, healthy fats, vegetables and decide on your carbohydrate intake and what works best for you.

Once you are confident your diet is in control, you can be confident your fat loss supplement will have positive effects and assist in your fat loss.

A huge downfall is majority of people set impossible goals and create unrealistic expectation for themselves to reach.

We suggest making your goals SMART ones...

Please know that taking a fat loss supplement is not enough alone, nor will it help you shred away 10 pounds. Be realistic and set a goals to loose a little bit of weight weekly. Eventually, your body will hit a plateau and fat loss will slow.

Keep in mind, if you are loosing weight much too quickly, you could be losing lean muscle mass and you diet might need adjusting. Loosing weight too quickly is not safe nor means you are following a the correct nutrition program for you. On the other hand, if you are not losing weight while being on the 'diet' program you are on, this will also need to be reassessed.

We suggest keeping goals measurable and writing down simple, small goals weekly and monthly. Small progress is better than no progress - and not to mention, much more attainable! It will also help you stay motivated overtime!


Please do not over exceed fat burners and what their recommended dosages are. If it is a well put together product, it will provide clinically dosed ingredients of fat burning ingredients.

We suggest if the fat burner your taking does instruct you can take more than 1 serving per day, begin with lowest dose for at least 2 weeks. After that, determine if you need to bump up the dose or continue taking less. If you have noticed you feel great and you are making progress, there is no need to up the dosage. Less is more.

4) Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Majority of fat burners are caffeinated. We ask you to keep this in mind. If you regularly drink other caffeinated beverages throughout the day, now adding in a stimulated fat burner, you may potentially be hitting caffeine overboard.

Although you will love the pick me up feeling you get from the the caffeine, taking it overboard it can easily burn out... and very quickly. You will also experience more fatigue and crashing experiences. You may experience a harder time recovering from workouts, potentially meaning slower progress results.

So don't get the impression that mixing caffeinated beverages and fat burners will help and have you seeing faster results. It may bring you back to where you started.


When taking a fat burner, allow it time to asses your results. We suggest taking progress photos, body measurements, body fat percentage test etc. The scale weight alone is not always an accurate measure.

You won't know any results unless you measure and see progress from your starting point.


As long as you are realistic and know that fat burners are not a magic pill, that is the first step. Remember not to overdo stimulates and drink plenty of water while taking a fat burner.

Alongside a dedicated training program and diet plan, a fat burner should do you wonders.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, you are on the road to success and are safely and smartly taking a fat loss supplement.


At Spartansuppz we have a variety of fat burning supplements.

Our top fat burners are...

Double Tap by Redcon 1

Just landed in store! One of our most potent fat burning powders with 1g of carnitine per serve.
Act8 Shred by Hybrid Nutrition

Another of our most potent fat burning powders with 1g of carnitine per serve. A must try is the latest flavour that just landed, Peach Mango!
Oxyshred by EHP Labs
Oxyshred is a very popular fat burner in a wide variety of delicious flavours.
X50 Green Tea by Tribeca Health
A natural green tea fat burner containing 20 cups of green tea per serve.
ALCAR by ACT8 Nutrition

L-Carnitine can be taken as is, or very beneficial to be mixed with your current fat burner. ALCAR helps your fat convert into energy production. 3-5g per day is recommended for optimal results.

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