Fat Burning Foods

Power Up Your Plate

By adding some of these food sources to your menu could help kick start or boost your metabolism! Here are some of the top fat burning foods...


Broccoli is a diuretic, meaning it is packed with water. By being a diuretic, it helps excrete fluid retention within the body. It is also highly fibrous. By this vegetable being both full of water and fibre, it is this combo together that helps your body ability to burn fat.



Chilli contains capsaicin. This ingredient boosts and kicks your process of fat burning properties into gear. If you don't like the fiery taste, foods such as ginger, cinnamon and garlic can produce and have a similar effect



Nuts contain many vitamins and minerals. They are also full of protein, fibre and abundant in healthy facts. This trifecta combo is firing spark to boost that metabolism right up.



Salmon contains the duo combo of high protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help you gain lean muscle making it easier for body to burn more fat during times of rest.



Avocado helps reduce inflammation within the body which is crucial for a fast working metabolism. Avocados are also rich in the amino acid L-carnitine. Carnitine will help in the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of each cell). This helps assist in the process of weight loss and energy production... therefore fat burning!

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Cya Later Fat...

By adding these top fat burning foods to your meals, not only will they provide many health benefits but keep you fuller for longer, are packed with minerals, vitamins, nutrients, protein, fibre and healthy fats! They will have you saying goodbye too and shifting over those stubborn fat cells!

Enjoy the benefits and delicious tastes of these metabolism boosting, fat burning foods.


Looking or wanting to speed up the fat burning process? You may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet.

Fat burners are thermogenics. They will help to assist the body to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, increase and support energyF levels and promote the reduction of water weight within the body.

We ask you to keep in mind the common misconception, and it cannot be stressed enough, that a fat burner is not a magic pill. It is purely a supplement along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

Our top fat burners we currently have in stock are...

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