Fat Loss

Okay, so you have tried every fad diet. You train hard every day. You eat well and ensure you never overeat. However, your weight won't still budge!

What could it be? You constantly question yourself 'what could I possibly be doing wrong?'

Sometimes, even when you are doing all the right things, in order to try and shed those few extra pounds, your weight can plateau.

The following are the most common, yet not-so-obvious reasons as to potentially why your weight just wont move.


When you stress, cortisol levels are released - this is known as the 'stress hormone'. Due to experiencing today's high pressure to make ends meet, demanding jobs and the overall fast world we live in, many individuals experience excessive, high cortisol levels.

When cortisol is released into our body it degrades our muscle tissue. It is this action that promotes the storage of fat within the body.

It is important to be aware that elevated stress levels can also lead to more serious health conditions e.g. increasing risk of stroke.

Therefore, you may need to consider your stress levels. Could they be interfering with your weight loss? This factor may firstly be hard to recognise or admit, however, as soon as you pin point the issue, it can be fixed!

To reduce stress here are some suggestions you could trial...

  • ensure set aside some YOU time each day
  • take a yoga classes
  • surround yourself with positive people
  • go workout (no more than 1hr - quality over quantity)
  • ensure you get enough sleep
  • Reevaluate you job... is that creating your stress? Is it worth it?
... and there are plenty more options! Do what works best for you.


Sleep is crucial for a healthy and balanced life style. Not feeling rested will create negative (and potentially dangerous) behaviour and mood swings.

When you sleep, cortisol levels are reduced. Also, while you sleep, your body produces growth hormone (GH). Unlike cortisol putting the body through stress, GH encourages the body to relax. It further aids in weight loss, supports bodily functions and keeps a healthy immune system.

Another concern is, by having lack of sleep, it may promote excessive hunger.

Therefore, to lower stress hormones, encourage the production of GH's and control hunger, try and aim to get enough sleep.

If you would like more information on sleep, feel free to view our previous blog post...

You can also take our sleep quality measuring test...


It can not be stressed enough how important water intake is for a healthy, functioning system. About 70% of our body is composed of water - doesn't this fact stress the point enough?!

Not having adequate water intake leads to many negative body reactions. In regards to weight loss, not consuming enough fluid will affect proper kidney functioning. Dehydration will impair your kidney's. When the kidneys are not functioning at full capacity, your liver has to work harder. It is the liver that helps metabolise fat. Therefore, if the liver is under more stress, fat can not be metabolised as efficiently and less toxins will be removed.

To ensure you are drinking enough water, you may like to try our Spartan Jugs! They are 2.2L (the average, recommended water intake). However, if you can drink more than this, please do! Keep one by your side throughout the day and ensure it has all been consumed by the end of the day.

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The gut is a very complicated piece of work. Quite simply, by maintaining good gut health you are ensuring a healthy, well functioning bodily system. Gut health often leads or relates to many gut issues. Therefore, if trying to lose weight and your experiencing bad gut health, this could be a contributing, if not main, factor as to why your weight wont move.

Many people, disregard or don't actually realise they are suffering from bad gut health. But like most things in life, there are always solutions to improve the issue...

To improve gut health you may like too...

  • Ensure you are sleeping enough
  • Reduce overall daily stress
  • Eliminate processed foods from your diet
  • Eat your food slowly - allow your body to to send your body 'im full signal' before it's too late

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Fibre is not only beneficial for removing toxins from the body but also aids in our gut health. It also helps us feel full, ensuring we don't overeat and consume excess calories.

There are a very high percentage of people that are not consuming adequate fibre intake. To ensure you are, you can use food tracking app's such as 'Myfitnesspal' to ensure you are consuming enough.

We suggest you consume foods high in fibre such as,

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains

If you would like more information about fibre, feel free to view our previous blog post...



Now that you are aware of these not-so-obvious reasons that are potentially causing a halt in your weight loss.... could any be relatable to you?

If so, make some changes in your life or health to improve or overcome these factors.

Remember, slow progress is better than no progress. Hang in there, remain positive, work hard and results will show. We believe in you!



Having a high protein diet can aid in weight loss.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

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Looking or wanting to speed up your fat burning process? You may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet.

Fat burners are thermogenics. They will help to assist the body to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, increase and support energy levels and promote the reduction of water weight within the body.

We ask you to keep in mind the common misconception, and it cannot be stressed enough, that a fat burner is not a magic pill. It is purely a supplement along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

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General Health & Wellbeing

Your overall general health and wellbeing is crucial. Maintaining good health and little stress will help keep your body functioning and ensure all your hormones are balanced.

Here are some of our top health products.

*Glutamine will help in gut health

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