Fitness for Females with Georgia Holton

with Georgia Holton

UPS Athlete and 2014 WFF Miss Victoria Overall Women’s Champion Georgia Holton is one of Australia’s most accomplished female fitness competitors.

At the 2015 Arnold Classic Australia she checked in with the team from to talk about fitness for females and how to start a career in female figure and bodybuilding.

Georgia preached the importance of a coach for beginners especially if you aren’t 100% sure on how to approach your diet and training in the lead-up to competition.

However it is important to see the transition that the coaches athletes have made in the lead up to their competition. And whether there has been a proper post competition plan set in place to ensure that the athletes do not rebound out of shape and do damage to there body and metabolism.

Moreover it is important not only for females, but for all athletes looking to compete to ensure they have adequate resistant training set in there program, to not only ensure they have sufficient muscle, but also too increase your metabolism to ensure that the diet leading into the competition can be as stress-free as possible.

During competition preparation supplements can play a significant role in helping you reach your desired physique.

A thermogenic protein such as UPS Slim can help retain your muscle while aiding in burning excess body fat, combining that with a BCAA product whilst training can aid in ensuring you can recover and perform at 100% everyday in the buildup to the competition.

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