Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains

Have you been busting your ass in the gym for months on end? Still not getting the results you want? Make sure you’re not committing one of these Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains!

Gains are an illusive beast. And once you have them you sure as hell don’t want to lose them. Although every day both in and out of the gym, bros are committing some of these five cardinal sins.

Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains

1. Missing the Big Lifts

Out of all the mistakes in this list. Missing the big lifts is one of the most committed. Too many gym rats skip the big three, those being the Squat the Benchpress and the Deadlift.

These are the kind of people who skip squats, complain that their legs are small. Then insist that their lack of leg muscle is due to tight Facia restricting growth. As opposed to the fact that they would rather do bodyweight lunges on two bosu balls than get into a squat rack.

2. Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits is number two of the list of the Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains. In the gym everyone wants to get big. Whether they know it or not, people want to get jacked. However while most can slog it out for an hour in the gym four times a week. It’s generally the diet that is the major let down.

When it comes time to grow, people often think that they are eating enough. But in reality they are far from it. If you want to grow you have to eat, and when I say eat I mean EAT!

Poor eating habits also plays a big role when dieting. People often think that they need to completely starve themselves of calories in order to get shredded. This is not the case, in reality you should be eating as much as possible while still losing weight. This will help make the diet more sustainable.

3. Not Adapting to Change

Number Three of the Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains is not adapting to change. More specifically I’m referring to people who constantly utilise the same program and diet for months if not years and expect the same results .

If your goal is to change your body, you need to be changing up the factors which result in the body. Those being the diet and your training. To put it simply, to achieve what you’ve never had, you need to do what you’ve never done. For instance, if your goal is to get to 6% bodyfat, you can’t simply continue the same hum-drum maintenance diet and program.

A good benchmark for change is generally around every 12 weeks. If you have focused on lower reps for strength for 12 weeks. Consider changing to a hypertrophy based program for the next 12 weeks and you should see some big changes. The same goes for your diet. If you keep expecting to grow while eating the same 2500 calorie diet you have had for 6 months, chances are you wont. Acknowledge change and adapt too it.

4. Focusing on Strengths not Weaknesses

Everyone in the gym is guilty of this one at some point. It’s much easier to say that you will train arms twice a week because you like it and it’s easy. Rather than training your legs, which to be honest need work.

In reality if you’re going to train a body part twice a week. You should be training your weak points. If your goal is to compete, judges will be looking for your weak points over your strong points. So it makes sense to be more evened out across the board rather than 21″ arms and chicken legs.

5. Not Listening to Your Body

Just because you can train 7 days in a week, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Some times you need to listen to your body. If it needs rest, give it rest. Bodybuilding and weight training is a marathon, not a sprint. So don’t get caught up in a 3 month transformation, rather focus on a larger time frame, like a decade.

That being said, you still need to push yourself. Listening to your body doesn’t mean skipping the gym twice a week just because you have DOMS. We’re talking about actual pain and fatigue that might make you need to take a rest. No one ever died from DOMS.

Thats it! Thats out top Five Mistakes Killing Your Gains in the gym! If it’s consistent linear gains you want, than avoid making any of these 5 mistakes.

And if you’re already making some of these. Theres no better time to change than now!

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