Five Reasons to Drink Protein


If you've been in the gym for over a week, no doubt you've seen plenty of people drinking protein shakes after they train. Not only do these chocolaty shakes taste great, they are also crucial for recovery too! So here's Five Reasons to Drink Protein and why your missing out if you don't!

Five Reasons to Drink Protein

1. It's High Protein, Duh!

Seems obvious doesn't it? But a scoop of a lean Whey Isolate like Rule 1 yields the roughly the same amount of protein as 125g of cooked chicken breast!

In fact most of your high quality WPI's range from 85-95% protein! That's a crazy percentage, when you factor in that a chicken breast only yields about 20%, you do the math!

2. It's Cost Effective.

A common misconception is that tubs of protein are expensive. This is certainly true to a degree, as the initial outlay for the product can seem inflated. However when you factor in the price per serve, it actually couldn't be further from the truth!

Lets use Gold Standard Whey for example, retailing for $99.95, seems expensive right? But Gold Standard Whey has 70 serves making it $1.40 per serve. That's pretty cheap!

3. It's Convenient.

Not only do they taste great but they are also super convenient! Just simply scoop some in a shaker, add water and you're good to go!

4. It's Multi Purpose.

Think protein is just for drinking? Nope! Check out some of our high protein recipes below for some creative easy ideas you can make at home!

5. The Flavour!

Long gone are the days of protein powders tasting like powdery off milk. Protein powders have evolved along way in the past 5 years, and now if they don't taste great, they don't last! Here's a list of our top 3 proteins based off flavour for you to try:


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