Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation often happens in subsequence to an injury. It is the bodies biological response at self protection. The aim being, to remove harmful stimuli such as pathogens, damaged cells or irritants and then begin the healing process.

Preventing inflammation in the body can be lessened when cutting back on food that can cause inflammation. By having chronic inflammation, it can lead to destructive health issues such as example heart disease, acne, and even cancer.

Therefore, it is so important to be aware of foods that can cause inflammation.

However, it is important to understand the difference... temporary inflammation is created by the body to help fight of injuries or sudden infection (as mentioned above). However, now days, chronic infection is becoming more common due to the foods we consume.

However, not to worry! There are certain foods you can consume to help fight inflammation.

  1. Healthy fats - Foods such as oily fish can reduce inflammation
  2. Dark Leafy Vegetable or Berries - These foods are high in antioxidants so help with swelling
  3. Chia seeds, avocado, ginger & garlic - have also been found to fight inflammation!
You may not think it, but once you begin consuming anti inflammatory foods you will notice a massive difference in how you feel.

Now, you are most likely wondering, which foods cause inflammation. Any foods containing the following are culprits...
  • White Sugar
  • Deep Fried Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Any foods with trans fats
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Peanuts
  • Vegetable Oil

Overall, if you are trying to keep intake low on inflammatory foods, simply avoid the ones mentioned. Here is a little more explanation as to why you can benefit from avoiding such foods.

White Sugar

White sugar is found in all the nasty foods such chocolate, sweets etc. White sugar raised blood glucose levels. This means when you eat sugary foods you crave more - which is not a good thing. We do believe it is healthy to consume everything in moderation, however, the less sugar in your system, the better.


You may think you cutting calories and being smart by using 'fake sugar' such as Spelnda or Avage, however, in the overall picture, they are worse than real sugar. These sweeteners cause inflammation and link to other health conditions as they slow down your white blood cell activity.


Nut allergies are a very common intolerance these days. Peanut can cause major inflammation within the body. And yes, when we say peanuts, we are also referring to peanut butter and peanut oil as well. However, do not fear! If you are peanut butter fan, swap and opt for other nut butter such as almond or cashew etc.


Alcohol has a negative effect on the liver - it is this reason as to how it causes inflammation. It can also disturb the way your organs interact with each other which can also lead to other diseases. Yes, it has been proven a glass or two can have positive health benefits, however excessive amount is certainly not healthy.


Dairy products can cause inflammation. Like, nuts, dairy (lactose) intolerances are also very common these days. Many dairy products contain hormones and antibiotics that the body is technically better off without. It is actually fact, that the body does not need 'dairy' past our breastfeeding stage. We can get dairy from non-dairy sources such as vegetables!


Another common allergy is gluten. However, even if you are not intolerant, it may be a choice to opt for non-gluten foods to prevent any causes of inflammation.

Vegetable Oil

Although healthy fats are great for inflammation, the wrong kinds of fats can cause problems. Vegetable oil is high in Omega 6 which can throw your body's healthy fats off balance causing inflammation.

Refind White Carbs

Refined white carbs contain high glycemic index which lead to inflammation. Not to mention, eating to many of these types of foods can cause obesity and health problems.

Red Meat

We don't believe to fully cut this product out from your diet, however, keep it to a minimum. Just be cautious of hormones and preservatives found in many meat products these days. We suggest sourcing for organic meat which should contain no hormones or preservatives.

Artificial Colours & Flavours

All processed foods are bound to contain these hidden nasties - which obviously are not good for your system. When eating these types of foods, your body triggers an immune system response. As the body struggles to and process these foods, inflammation can occur.

Deep Fried Foods

These foods are harder to digest. Also, by eating then, you are exposing yourself to free radicals. It is best to avoid these foods all together.


Being aware of the foods that cause inflammation is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. We hope you found this article useful!


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