Weight Lifting

It is often a common misconception and fear by many women that if they begin to lift weights they will...

  • become bulky
  • look 'manly'
  • become thick in places they would like to be slim


However, this is actually FALSE. Lifting weights actually makes you burn calories, gives you more shape and curves and provides an overall more toned look than just performing cardio alone.

Here are some common 'myths' about women who lift weights, BUSTED...

Look at the picture below... the woman in the first picture is what most women suspect they will look like if they begin weight lifting. However, women bodybuilders who look like this will eat and train in a specific way and most likely take supplements to particularly look like this. They have also more than likely been working towards this goal for years! It is impossible to look like this after a few training sessions.


Yes it is true, the heavier you lift, the stronger you become. However, this does not mean you muscles necessarily get 'bigger'.

To get 'bigger' it would require you to eat a tonne of calories (more than you are burning every day, aka you basal metabolic rate) and pump yourself up with testosterone.

However, if you lift and eat in a caloric deficit, consume correct macronutrients, work in regards to your goal, you will most likely look like the women on the right in the picture above... with the strong, slim, toned look you are probably after.

It is often a goal by many that they would like to lose weight in a specific area..

  • I want to lose belly fat
  • I want to reduce the fat on my arms
  • I want a bigger booty

However, you can not spot reduce fat in specific areas or build up one body part without building up other muscles around the area.

For a woman, we are genetically predisposed to experience the same issues. We store fat in certain areas (e.g. stomach, back of arms) which are different to men. As mentioned, you can not target a specific area to lose fat, however when the weight does shred off, it will often come off in this order...

  1. Arms
  2. Legs
  3. Belly
  4. Chest
  5. Butt

However, please keep in mind, we are all built differently and depending on your genetic make up, you could lose the weight in a different order.

If you want to eliminate fat, you must keep in mind diet is key. Overall, weight loss is about 70% diet and 30% workout related to get overall results. You can not out exercise a bad diet. So the cliche saying, 'abs are made in the kitchen', is not said for the sake of it.

For most, cardio may automatically be the first form of exercise to come to mind when your goal is to lose weight. However, weight lifting will produce more efficient weight loss than cardio.

There is a functioning response within he body known as Exercise Post Exercise Consumption (EPOC). This response is the amount of calories your body burns after you have completed exercise session. After a weight session, you still continue to burn calories 72 hours afterwards... even if you are doing nothing!

You may be interested in reading a previous blog post we provided, 'Fat Burning Exercise' explaining how weight lifting burns more calories in the long run as apposed to cardio...


Never the less, we are not saying, if you enjoy a run, or an aerobics class, don't do it, or discouraging you to do so... however, it is proven weight lifting is more effective.


We are all unique individuals. We are all built differently and consist of different genetics.

So, it is crucial to keep in mind, what works for one, will not work for the next person. We all have different hormones, goals, lifestyles and characteristics, so the plan along your journey will be trial and error and deciding, while being honest and realistic, what really works for you and what does not.

So we suggest, writing things down (e.g. diet, exercise progress), calculating and adjusting you macronutrients when desired and trying different diets to decide which best suits you.

To calculate the macronutrients you need to be consuming, based on your goals you may like to refer to our previous blog post 'IIFYM'....


You can also use programs such as 'Myfitnesspal' to log your food throughout the day to ensure you are eating enough, or not too much...



This is one of the most common, but biggest mistake majority of people make. To lose weight, you must eat less right?


You need to eat to lose weight!

Yes, it is true, eating fewer calories will result in weight loss, however if they are too low, your body will be in 'starvation mode'. During this stage you weight loss may hit a plateau and slow down the burning of fat loss as it will be holding onto whatever calories or fat it has left in order to function. Once this is gone, it will begin to breakdown muscle tissue for energy. This is a common problem when girls are weight training and complain they are not building muscle.. your calories are so low that you body is eating away your muscles in order to survive.

It is just common sense, if you deprive yourself by eating fewer calories than it needs, it will fight back.. negatively. Eating not enough, could lead to eating disorders, mental disorder and not to mention body disruptions.

Our bodies needs whole, nutritious foods in order to operate and function at optimum efficiency.


If you are a women who lifts weight, you will become stronger, look more toned, burn the fat on top of your muscle and feel great!

Just please keep in mind the journey of weight loss or getting fit is all trial and error and figuring out what works best for you.

Remember, we are all unique individuals and what works for you, will not work for the next person.


Most of women's goal is to slim down and tone up.

Supplements we suggest including into your diet to speed up the process (of course along side a balanced diet and dedicated workout routine), we suggest...

Protein Powder

Protein is most beneficially taken post workout. If protein is taken post workout, it will effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis - the process that helps promote the muscle repair and growth. It can also aid in weight loss. When losing weight a higher protein diet is recommended to feel fuller for longer. Protein powder is also a versatile supplement as it can be made into many recipe's, muffins, pancakes etc or simply use as a snack.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

The top protein powders we currently stock are...

Fat Burner

Looking or wanting to speed up the fat burning process? You may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet.

Fat burners are thermogenics. They will help to assist the body to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, increase and support energy levels and promote the reduction of water weight within the body.

We ask you to keep in mind the common misconception, and it cannot be stressed enough, that a fat burner is not a magic pill. It is purely a supplement along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

Our top fat burners we currently have in stock are...

*If you would like to learn more about or how to choose the best fat burner for you, you may like to read one our latest articles 'Fat Burners: Choosing the Best One For You'

We also advise using Acetyl Carnitine into a fat loss stack to enhance results. Carnitine is a fat metaboliser that will convert stubborn fat cells into energy production..


If you are craving a sweet snack but want to 'cheat clean' you could try some our high protein, ready available snack options. We have the choice of a high and low carb and calorie options. Some of our most popular sellers are...

Lenny & Larry's Cookie

These cookies are a high protein vegan friendly cookie.

They contain no dairy, no animal products and 16 grams of protein per cookie. They also contain 8 grams of dietary fibre!

Oh Yeah! One Protein Bars

These bars are the most delicious protein bars around today!

Each bar contains a massive 22grams of protein per serve and only 1 gram of sugar.

UPS Chocabolic Protein Bars

These are the first no carb protein bars! This protein chocolate could also pass for the real thing. For those on a keto, high fat, high protein diet, these could squeeze into your macros very easily.



Branch Chain Amino Acids are a very versatile supplement which can assist in many areas. Overall, BCAA's will..

  • Promote cell hydration for optimal performance
  • Boost immune system function
  • Promote the uptake of amino acids in the muscles
  • Signal protein synthesis for rapid muscle recovery & repair
  • Aid in weight loss (contain no calories, sugars or carbs and great to replace for a cordial or soft drink if craving something sweet

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