Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It is both an essential and non-essential amino acid needed by the human body. This simply means that the body is more than capable of producing enough amounts naturally, however, during times of stress or fatigue, the body will be in higher demand for it - this is when we advise you supplement it.

Supplementing glutamine can also improve protein metabolism, provide a healthy and functioning immune, prevents muscle depletion, assist in protein synthesis and improve muscle recovery.

How It Works & it's Benefits...

Glutamine improves natural resistance within the body. It is used as an energy source for immune cells. It's a very beneficial and advisory supplement for an athlete that does intense, vigorous and high volume training. High-intensity exercise decreases glutamine levels.

Some people actually suffer from glutamine deficiency. Adequate amounts of glutamine are needed as they are required for optimum recovery and essential for muscle growth. It aids in muscle growth by increasing the levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in the muscle fibres. Glutamine has an anti-catabolic effect. This means it prevents the breakdown of hard-earned muscle.

It also helps elevates nitrogen levels so you better utilise other amino acids and recover faster between workouts.

Glutamine, when absorbed by the body will be converted to glucose. When the body is in need of energy and other levels may be low, this will be important for energy production (known as ketosis).

Glutamine helps maintain cell volume and hydration, speeding up a wound and burn healing and recovery.


Glutamine is excellent for digestive health and function. It can help with some gastric issues such as leaky gut. Glutamine will help reline the surface of the stomach making the gut more tolerable and stronger.

It can also assist those who are consuming a higher protein diet. It will assist in utilising more of the nutrients you take on a daily basis. This is not only beneficial for general health but also beneficial for your muscle growth and recovery.

If anything, dosages on 5g have been shown to be beneficial for immunity and health of the intestines.


For those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it can be hard to get enough protein intake. So it is highly recommended that using glutamine would be beneficial for you. It will help in preventing muscle break down and support your immunity.

How to Supplement...

Glutamine ideally is best taken in the morning, post workout and before bed in the evening. It is a personal choice whether you wish to consume the supplement on its own or mix it with other supplements (as it often is unflavoured) i.e. protein powder. Glutamine mixes with ease and is very easily digested in the body. It often is an unflavoured supplement

For those who exercise daily 10-15 gram of glutamine is recommended. This can be taken at one or supplement throughout the day 2-3 at each serving is 5 grams.


We stock several brands of glutamine.All are effective supplements to help you get better results in your training and diet program.

The glutamine particles are incredibly fine in this supplement which means they absorb and digest easily.

Most glutamine is unflavoured so can be easily mixed with other supplements to add flavour. However, we do stock APTech Glutamine which does contain flavour.

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