Go to War with the Weights with Total War

In the supplements world many pre workouts come and go. But very few leave a long lasting impression on consumers.

That was at least until Redcon1 Total War was released...

Total War is one of the newest preworkout products to hit Australian shores, and it has hit hard. Total War is the feature product of Aaron Singermans Redcon1 Supplement line. A ranger of products clinically dosed and as cutting edge as supplements can get.

So what makes Total War so special compared to your run of the mill pre workouts? It's simple really, it's all in the dosing.

Total War is without doubt on of the best dosed pre workouts to land in 2017.

Some of its standouts are:

6g of Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is great for increasing muscle pumps, so you will have a very full appearance during training, 6g is a large dose too.

3.2g of Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine acts as a buffer to lactic acid, delaying it's build up increases your ability to perform at a higher level for longer.

100mg DMHA

DMHA is the real kicker for Total War, DMHA is a potent stimulant and bronchodilator, meaning it's going to give you awesome energy and better blood flow.

Combing these ingredients with numerous others to help increase focus, blood flow and energy results in one hell of a pre workout that is guaranteed to take your workout sessions to the next level.

So if your tired of having to double scoop your chemist bought pre workout, step up your game and Go to War with the Weights with Total War.

Want to try Total War? Check out our Sample packs here where you can pick up some of our best pre workouts for free, just pay shipping.

What can I stack it with?

For overall strength and muscle gains, we would recommend stacking Total War with their lean protein Isotope for clean muscle gains.

As well as stacking alongside a good quality creatine such as Hybrid Nutritions Creatine HCL for strength and power in the gym to truely take your sessions to the next level.

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