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Green Tea Extract: Separating Fact from Fiction

Green Tea Extract: Separating Fact from Fiction

Green Tea Extract: More Than Just a Hot Cup of Joe

Green tea extract has been making headlines in the health and wellness industry for years now. But what exactly is green tea extract, and what makes it so special?

What is Green Tea Extract and How Does it Work?

Green tea extract is a concentrated form of green tea leaves that have been dried and ground into a powder. This powder is then used to make supplements, which can be taken in capsule form.

Green tea is full of antioxidants, which help to protect our bodies from damage caused by free radicals. The extract contains a higher concentration of these antioxidants, making it a powerful addition to your health and wellness routine.

Green Tea Supplements

This is a popular ingredient that you would often find in many fat, burning supplements. Some of the most popular products that we would recommend if you're looking for a great green tea supplement include:

EHP Labs Oxyshred Ultra Concentrate

Faction Labs Deficit

Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred


Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has been linked to a number of health benefits, including:

  • Improved heart health
  • Weight loss
  • Potential cancer-fighting properties
  • Improved brain function and mental clarity
  • Improved management of diabetes

Let's take a closer look at some of these benefits:

Improved Heart Health

Green tea extract is rich in polyphenols, which are compounds that have been shown to have a positive impact on heart health. They can help to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and improve blood flow. This can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Weight Loss

Green tea extract has been shown to increase metabolism, helping you to burn fat more efficiently. The extract is also thought to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body and increase feelings of fullness, helping you to eat less and maintain a healthy weight.

Potential Cancer-Fighting Properties

While more research is needed, some studies have suggested that green tea extract may have cancer-fighting properties. The antioxidants in green tea extract are thought to help protect cells from damage, reducing the risk of cancer.

Improved Brain Function and Mental Clarity

Green tea extract contains caffeine, which can help to improve alertness and focus. The extract is also rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and improves mental clarity. This unique combination can help to improve overall brain function and cognitive performance.

Safety and Dosage of Green Tea Extract

While green tea extract is generally considered safe, it's always best to speak with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement. The recommended daily dose of green tea extract is usually between 250-500 milligrams, taken one to three times per day.

It's also important to note that green tea extract can interact with certain medications, so be sure to check with your doctor before starting to use it.

Green Tea Extract vs Drinking Green Tea

So, should you stick with your morning cup

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