Growth Hormone-Is it the secret to staying young?

Growth hormone has been getting alot of interest in the mainstream headlines in recent years with more and more people becoming aware of it’s benefits for staying young and looking good. This is the reason celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone have managed to stay young and look good well into his 60;s with a boy most 20 year old would die for.

The upsides are quite broad with benefits such as improving skin quality,brain function,anti-ageing, joint regeneration and muscle growth and repair. GH is also great at mobilising fatty acids which means it is invaluable in dropping body fat and building muscle at the same time.

This is quite the list of benefits and we’d all love to take advantage of them because who wouldn’t want to be young for longer

The downside of GH is that it is a scheduled drug so it not available for sale on the open market. You can get a prescription for this (quite a process) and this will cost you a small fortune which is not feasible for most of us.

The other issue with injecting growth hormone is its effectiveness for those under 40 years of age is very skepitcal. GH has shown to be much more effective later in life and many have said it is almost a complete waste of money for those under the age of 30.

Enter Blackstone Labs Growth. As the name suggest this is a product that aims to increase your bodies natural production of growth hormone. This does a fine job of it to with a 221% increase in GH. Add to that the addition of melatonin and you have a great before bed recovery/health/sleep aid supplement.

So if you want the stay young,feel good and improve your overall health and function/sleep quality take a look at Growth from Blackstone Labs.

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