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There are so many gym performance enhancing supplements now available. It can become rather overwhelming having to remember what time or when to take each one.

It is important to know that the timing and consumption of your gym supplements is quite crucial.

The following blog post, provides information on the top gym supplements and the best and most beneficial time of when to take them for optimal muscle gain, strength, keep you lean... what ever your goals may be and get the best value for your money.

When to Take your Gym Supplements

We have provided some tips and suggestions for the best and most beneficial times of when to take the top gym supplements. Please take a read and educate yourself.

Pre Workout

The best time is to consume a pre workout 30-45 prior to training as it will...

  • Boost energy and block any feelings of fatigue
  • Provide strong mental focus and endurance

Both these factors will increase your training volume, reps and sets and overall performance.

It is always best to consume a pre workout in a lesser amount of water to allow it to absorb more efficiently. Peoples preferences may vary, however, some prefer to take their pre workout as 'a shot' with very minimal water. We suggest mixing a scoop of pre workout in 200ml of water or less.. you decide.

Another factor to consider is your eating time around the consumption of your pre workout. Some people prefer to take pre workout after they have given their last meal a while to digest, some can take with a meal and still feel affects, where others can take the moment before training or during. This process may be a little trail and error to see what works best for you.


Our best pre workout supplements are...


    BCAA's are a very versatile gym supplement. BCAA's can be consumed anytime throughout the day. BCAA's can be taken between meals, before a workout, post workout, upon wakening... All time provide benefits, however the most beneficial time to consume is during a workout. This is because when training BCAA consumption will focus on....

    • Reducing muscle fatigue
    • Aiding in protein synthesis
    • Decreasing DOMS
    • Improving training motivation and strength
    • Supporting hormone balance during training
    • Increasing fat burning

    All this happens as your muscles are more receptive during training.


    Our best BCAA supplements are...


      Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within the body. So when it is secreted it is highly important it is replaced into the body. There are several time glutamine can be supplement to ensure it is taken beneficially.
      • You can supplement glutamine before bed time as it helps increase growth hormone levels when taken at this time
      • Upon waking as your muscles have been without food for several hours and your body needs to be replenished
      • For people with digestion issues, glutamine can help resurface the lining of your stomach. This will mean you will be absorbing all the nutrients from your food maintaining good overall general health.
      • During a workout, you glutamine levels deplete. Therefore, supplementing glutamine after a workout can be one of the most beneficial times to supplement also aiding in the recovery process


      Glutamine we have in stock..


          Protein is another supplements which is safe to be taken any time throughout the day. However there are more beneficial times than others.

          • The most important is post, immediately after a workout. After a workout your muscles are thirsty to be replenished. Protein is a easy, convenient, readily available source of protein for recovery and growth.
          • Before bed time. As you will be asleep without food and nutrition for several hours it is important to feed or provide your body with energy source overnight.
          • Upon wakening, once again, as you have been without food for several hours, your body will needs to be replenished.
          • Half hour before a workout. This will ensure you provide you body with adequate fuelling source and create an 'anabolic window' to prevent muscle breakdown during your training.


          Our best protein supplements are...


          Creatine is a very effective, performance boosting supplement... if used correctly. It will specifically help in explosive movement training, muscle strength, gain, makes the body more efficient at recycling our energy source. This allows us to push hard for longer. It is best supplemented...

          • Pre and post training. Taking a supplements pre and post is called 'bracketing'. This mean the body will be set in an anabolic state, preventing muscle breakdown from a training session (catabolism).

          It is a personal choice whether to load creatine or use it as a daily supplement. On a loading phase 25-30 grams a day of creatine can be used where on a daily maintenance routine, 10-20 grams a day is sufficient.


          Our best creatine supplement is...


          Now you have the knowledge on when to take your gym supplements we hope it may help you reach optimal results of producing all the gains you are capable of and getting your best value for money.

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