Hammer Curl

How to Hammer Curl: Top 5 Tips

If you are trying to grow some strength and size for your arms, make sure you learn how to Hammer Curl. Essential exercise to include in your training to build those biceps.

Purpose of the movement:

The Hammer Curl is an isolation exercise specifically targeting the biceps.

Muscles involved:

The primary muscles involved for this movement:

  • Biceps Brachii
  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis
  • Many of the minor forearm flexors

    Equipment needed:

    To perform the Hammer Curl exercise the equipment you will need:

    • Dumbbells

    Step by Step guide:

    Follow our step by step guide to master the Hammer Curl:

    1. Holding the dumbbells by your waist, palms facing in towards the body
    2. Lock your elbow in to your side and try and keep it there throughout the movement
    3. Pull/curl the weight up until it reaches approx shoulder level.
    4. Hold for one second at the top and then control it back to starting position

    Top 5 Tips:

    1. Avoid swinging as you get fatigued
    2. Try and keep elbow locked in at your side throughout the movement
    3. Pause for one second at the top
    4. Breathe out when weight is going up, and then out on way down
    5. For an extra burn, try and lower the weight down as slow as possible


    The Hammer Curl can be a great addition to your arm workout, it will certainly help to build some big biceps.

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