High Protein Fluff Recipe

When people think of protein powder, they generally only associate it with being in shake form.

However, they could not be more wrong! Whey Protein blends are very diverse and can be used in a whole host of high protein recipes. Such as our High Protein Fluff Recipe!

This High Protein Fluff Recipe is a game changer in the diet world. Think high volume, low calorie.

Make sure you try out our High Protein Fluff Recipe or yourself, and let us know how you liked it!

High Protein Fluff Recipe Ingredients

Here's a list of all the ingredients your going to need for your High Protein Fluff Recipe:

  1. 1 scoop of a whey blend protein such as MTS Machine Whey.
  2. Half a cup of lite milk.
  3. 100gm frozen berries.
  4. 3 Egg Whites
  5. Half Tea Spoon Xanthan Gum

High Protein Fluff Recipe Method:

Making the fluff is actually very easy, combine all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl. From there blitz with a stick blender for 3-5 minutes.

This will not only combine the ingredients but also aerate the mixture into the fluff consistency.

The key ingredients are the combination of egg whites for volume and the Xanthan gum, which holds the entire fluff together.

For maximal taste and constituency refrigerate for 30 minutes before consuming.

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