How MTS Machine Whey is made

Ever wondered how products are made? Check out this article and video to see how MTS Machine Whey is made.

In this video see CEO Marc Lobliner take a tour of the MTS Nutrition production facility in Ohio.

Machine Whey is a whey protein concentrate and whey isolate blend which comes in a wide range of flavours. With 9 flavours at present available in Australia and more on the way this range is impressive.

Marc Lobliner is someone who really stands behind his brand in a major way.

MTS is very much a peoples company and Marc is quite possibly the most accessible CEO you could come across.

We were lucky enough to have Marc drop into Spartansuppz recently on the Victorian leg of the Gainz Tour.

Marc is about as down to earth as they come and his passion for his ‘job’ is undeniable.

There aren’t many CEO’s of companies who travel the world and represent their brands.

Many send representatives or have athletes go to locations and rep their brands,not MTS.

Marc spends most of the year travelling the globe for his brand.

If you haven’t tried MTS product, I would recommend checking them out.

The products are true to claim and use clinical dosing of proven ingredients.

To be honest some of the products aren’t that exciting,they’re just well made,good value and taste amazing.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how MTS Machine Whey is made. A whey protein like this is going to be the most basic and essential supplement for most peoples supplement stack.

For more details on MTS products be sure to check them out in the product section linked above.

Also follow Marc on Instagram @marclobliner and subscribe to his Youtube for more behind the scences from MTS.

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