How to build a stronger bench press with Mark Bell

Mark Bell has built a reputation as the peoples coach offering free advice and tutorials on all things strength training.

In addition to being a couch he is also a very accomplished powerlifter himself.

In this video we’ll see Mark and Silent Mike taking us through some tips and pointers to increase your bench press.

Technique is everything and most increases in strength come from increasing your efficiency in the lift to make it easier.

When you’re good at a given lift you will also be strong in the lift and you should take advantage of these tools to continue building your bench press and keep hitting bigger numbers in the gym.

Mark is the creator of the Sling Shot and these are a very effective tool for assisting in building your bench press with more load,more volume and higher training percentages for faster CNS adaptation.

If you haven’t tried these out before and you want to increase your bench press we’d highly recommend picking on up.

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