How to Build Muscle with Kevin Jordan IFBB Pro

Want to build some muscle? Build muscle with Kevin Jordan!

We caught up with IFBB Pro and GAT Sponsored athlete Kevin Jordan to give you the best tips. Bodybuilding requires a lot of work and attention but Kevin was nice enough to spend some time with us to share some advice on how to pack on some gains!

You know how we do it at Spartansuppz, only the best from around the world. Kevin a new IFBB Pro and also very down to earth and humble.

He has been training and competing for a number of years and knows a thing or two about building muscle. Consistency is the real secret here. Hitting your meals every day,getting consistent workouts and using good supplements like the GAT range.

In this video he covers his top tips to gaining lean muscle mass when starting out.

Kevin also covers his recommendations for supplements to help fuel the process.

His favourite product from the GAT range is Nitraflex. This a high energy pre-workout supplement designed to boost energy,performance and pumps. The standout of this product is the test boosting complex to help fuel stronger workouts and promote recovery.

Like build muscle with Kevin Jordan?

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