How to Increase Your Bench Press

For many avid gym rats the bench press is their Achilles heel, no matter how much they try to progress, the numbers just don't seem to get any bigger. Spartansuppz has developed a comprehensive list of everything you can do to learn How to Increase Bench Press

How to Increase Your Bench Press

This article is going to broken down into 3 segments, focusing on the 3 key elements you need to fix in order to increase your bench press.

Those 3 key elements are, your Setup/Technique on the bench. Your Accessory movements. And finally your actions outside of benching, such as diet and rest.

In order to learn How to Increase Bench Press you must master the fundamentals first, that is the technique.

Proper Bench Press Technique

If your technique is garbage than your bench press can only pogress so far before it stalemates and refuses to go up any further.

Solid Foundation is Key

All great bench pressers start with a good foundation. This means ensuring you have a solid foot position on the ground, whether its toes up or flat, whichever feels comfortable and can allow you to stay stable and tight.

Arching the Back

Once you have a tight foot position, staying tight throughout the lift is essential. This can be achieved by 'digging' the shoulder blades into the benchpress and creating a slight arch. You will notice once you have this arch, you will feel much more stable.

Rack Height

Ensuring you have the un-rack height at an appropriate level is also key. If the bar is too far away from your chest, you will be forced into protracting the shoulders in order to un-rack, this will result in you loosing a lot of the tension you have build up through your original setup.

Proper Grip

Grip is also a key factor en learning How to Increase Bench Press. Everyones grip varies slightly, however positioning your hands evenly outside shoulder width should make it easier to find a comfortable spot.

Tuck the Elbows

The final key point for getting proper bench press tech is ensuring that you have roughly a 45 degree angle at the shoulder. Meaning that your are not flaring your elbows out. This is not only safer on your joints and ligaments, but also helps generate more power in the concentric phase.

Once you master each o these steps on your benchpress technique, you are on your way to building a bigger bench!

The team at Spartans recommends spending a few weeks mastering the foundation with lower weight. Ensuring that you have the basics down before we progress forward.

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