How to Increase Your Bench Press: Recovery

This is the third and final article of the How to Increase Your Bench Press series!

This time we are focusing on recovery! And how you can use your recovery time wisely to come back to the gym bigger, stronger and less fatigued every session!

How to Increase Your Bench Press: Recovery

When it comes to muscle and strength gain, rest is key.

Rest Is Key

That doesn't mean taking every second day off however. The purpose of rest and recovery is to allow your muscles and nervous system to repair and regroup for the next raining session, this is very important if you want to increase your bench press!

In reality, you can do resistance training everyday of the week, you just have to learn how to structure your program accordingly.

For instance, to maximise our performance on bench press days, try benching 2-3 times per week, such as Monday morning, Wednesday night and Saturdays. While ensuring you are not training any accessory movements on the days before benching, such as bent over rows, shoulders or triceps.

Setting out your training regime in such a way will allow you to get in as much rest as possible, while hitting the chest and accessory muscles three times in a week. This will accomodate for maximal growth.

Recovery Methods

Recovery is also a major factor for increasing your bench press. Recovery is very multifaceted.

Things such as passive stretching post training is a great way to ensure you are fully cooled down.

Mobility work and active release prior to training is also recommended to ensure that the joints and muscles are primed for exercise.

Finally, nutrition is the last pieced of the puzzle when learning How to Increase Your Bench Press. If your diet is average, and your don't consume enough calories, don't expect your bench press numbers to go up.

Aim to consume roughly 75% of your carbohydrates around training (Pre/Intra/Post). Carbohydrates are fuel, and feeding them to you body around training will optimise performance in the gym.

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