How To Meal Prep

We’ve all heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” as cliche as the saying seems there is, in fact, some truth to it especially when referring to dieting and meal preparation. But how do you begin????

When tracking crucial elements such as macronutrient ratios and calories, meal prep is something that should definitely be implemented here. Once you have a set amount of meals, macros and calories then it's only a matter of weighing, cooking and placing the food in microwave-safe containers and the likely hood of you not suffering from your diet has now greatly shifted in your favour.

First things first, we need to address the greatest contributing factor which is your daily caloric value.

As a rule of thumb if you want to lose weight/fat ensure you are in a caloric deficit if you wish to gain weight/muscle eat in a caloric surplus. It is possible to simultaneously do both but many things will factor into your ability to do so such as training experience, metabolic rate, body fat percentage etc.

Macro Nutrients

Secondly, we look at macronutrients ratios. in terms of body composition macronutrient rations can play a big role when factoring in choosing your bodies preferred fuel source. Manipulating hormone levels and optimising recovery and performance

As a starting point, the following ratios work well for the majority of people but once you learn how your body responds to certain macros you can change them accordingly. 40-50% carbs, 30-40% protein and around 20% or more coming from fats.

Now the third most important element is the timing of nutrients, generally speaking, this can be somewhat a negligible difference to some degree but depending on your training frequency and type of training it can increase recovery times or help you utilize the use of fat as a fuel source as opposed to carbs.


Optimally you’d run your carbs higher around workout times (pre, intra, post) and your fats higher the other times when carbs are not as present. This method will help with keeping glycogen storages full but not overfull by excess consumption of carbs when they will not be utilised for energy and therefore stored as fat. There are more complex reasons behind this theory with the relation of cortisol and insulin taken into consideration as they work with a somewhat sea-saw effect but that is the basic principle behind it.

So now that you know the basic science behind meal prep lets dives into food selection. The following foods are just a few examples of sources to utilize for each of the macronutrients.






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In conclusion to the information, we have just gone over theoretically speaking all that's left to do now is to cook and tub all of that nice healthy clean food. If you are struggling to calculate anything diet related, my fitness pal app is a very simplistic app designed to make the process a whole lot easier or alternatively contact a member of the Spartansuppz team and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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