How To Use Kettlebells Like a Bro

Ever seen those odd shaped Dumbell looking things in the gym? People are always swinging them around like theres no tomorrow. But what the hell are they?

Founder of Bro Science and leader of the Bros Dom Mazzetti has the answer for you! Turns out they are Kettle Bells! And Dom goes in depth on How To Use Kettlebells Like a Bro in his latest YouTube video below.

How To Use Kettlebells Like a Bro

Dom Mazzetti’s Reasons to Never Use a Kettlebell

  1. Kettlebells are for Hipsters trying to be different.
  2. You can get better results through dumbells and barbells.
  3. You can never find a matching pair.
  4. Kettlebells are used to help functional work you never utilise.
  5. People never re-rack kettlebells.

Doms Top uses for Kettlebells

  1. Kettlebell Bicep Curls.
  2. Shrugs.
  3. Kettlebell Tricep Extensions.
  4. Use it as a door stop.
  5. Dress it up to trick your boss.

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