Hybrid Nutrition Available Now!

Get ready Australia Hybrid Nutrition is available at Spartansuppz.com!

This is one we have been keeping very close to our chest but can finally share that we are bringing the Hybrid Performance Nutrition range to Australia!

These are some seriously cutting edge supplements formulated for optimal performance with the latest ingredients.

Not just another cookie cutter brand that copies what’s currently on the market the guys at Hybrid Nutrition put extensive research and development into each and every product to make sure you are nothing but impressed.

Hybrid has numerous categories covered including, pre-workouts, amino acids and fat burners.

First cab off the rank is their game-changing ACTV8 Shred. This is a potent thermogenic fat burner, designed to give you sustained energy as well as putting your body in a state of lipolysis.

This one landed already but completed sold out in the very first week. Next shipment is set to land within the next week so be sure to keep an eye out for it as it moves damn fast!

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Secondly, Aminoade is Hybrids Intra workout powerhouse. Boasting 5g amino acids per serve in a 2:1:1 ration. As well as added glutamine, taurine and electrolytes for boosting performance. Not to mention it comes in a delicious Apple Watermelon flavour!

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Lastly, Hybrid Nutrition also has ALCAR. This is a pharmaceutical grade Acetyl L-Carnitine product. Helping with focus and reducing fatigue are two of the benefits of ALCAR. But the real benefit comes when it's mixed in with ACTV8 prior to training. Helping oxidise stubborn adipose tissue to be utilised and burned for fuel in the mitochondria.

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The Hybrid Performance Nutrition range is available in-store and online now exclusive to Spartansuppz.com.

To carry this range in your supplement shop, gym or training studio please contact our sales department: sales@spartansuppz.com

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