Inside Dana Linn Baileys WarHouse Gym

Internet sensations Dana Linn & Rob Bailey are no strangers to doing the some pretty out there things. Whether its drifting cars or travelling across America in a van. The couple are known for going above and beyond for their fans. And their latest escapade is no exception.

The fitness industry power couple have decided to purchase their own gym! And have provided the public with a first look Inside Dana Linn Baileys WarHouse Gym. To say that looks like it will be badass is an understatement.

The gym is set to open in a few months time and is in the shell of a former World Gym. This is the very gym where Dana started training before she was super famous. Making it almost as if her lifting career has gone full circle. From beginning in the very gym she now owns.

In true Bailey fashion, they are catering for every market with this gym. Including fitting it out with numerous squat racks, dumbbells, cardio equipment and benches.

Not to mention a dungeon like training room specifically designed for strength athletes who want to lift heavy and make noise while listening to loud music.

In addition this two story behemoth of a gym is also complete with a sizeable supplement store and smoothy bar. As well as a massive indoor kids area, complete with a indoor jungle gym that would make any child not want to leave!

As you can see Dana & Robs WarHouse Gym looks set to be one of the most desired training facility centres in the country. Not even due to the fact that it’s the Baileys that own it. It just looks bad-ass!

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some epic collaboration videos with other fitness industry heavyweights Inside Dana Linn Baileys WarHouse Gym

Take a Look Inside Dana Linn Baileys WarHouse Gym

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