Ever wanted to see what life at the top of the bodybuilding world looks like? Look no further as Spartansuppz takes you Inside Jay Cutlers House!

Cribs has nothing on Jay as you will see his Las Vegas house is fully decked out. Showing that life at the top of the Bodybuilding game can be pretty lavish.

But what would you expect? Jay is one of the most successful bodybuilders in history. With a whole host of bodybuilding championships to his name including collecting the Mr Olympia crown 4 times. Jay is one of the most well know names within bodybuilding.

Whether you know him from his brutal workout videos on YouTube. Or from his legendary on stage rivalry with the Greatest of all Time Ronnie Coleman. Everyone knows the name Jay Cutler.

Jay is also a very successful man outside of competition. With his Cutler Nutrition as well as many other business ventures Including 9 DVDs to his name.

Heres a quick run down on his house:

Inside Jay Cutlers House

  • Fully functioning waterfall in the entrance.
  • Home movie cinema.
  • Pool & Spa.
  • Home Gym.
  • Clothing business room.
  • Home solarium.
  • Massive home kitchen.
  • Several bedrooms.
  • Ducati & Roles Royce.

The only thing missing is a look into his fully decked out kitchen. And of course in true Cribs style, a look into his fridge too see what he eats on the daily. But then again, Jays one of the most successful bodybuilders in history, so we can only assume its chicken and rice .

Not bad for a bodybuilder hey? Watch the full video below and see Inside Jay Cutlers House for yourself!

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