International Protein Extreme Mass Review

What is Extreme Mass by International Protein? 

Extreme Mass by International Protein is a high quality, ultra clean 1:1 ratio mass gainer which is built to underpin major weight gain and specifically muscle mass development.

Blended from 6 different protein types and premium carbohydrate sources, Extreme Mass is scientifically formulated to maximise calorie consumption, thereby creating the surplus you require to fuel sustainable weight gain and the development of lean muscle mass.

Extreme Mass adheres to even strict macro targets, primarily providing calories from carbs and protein, so it’s the ideal product for anyone on a strict macro-controlled dietary regime.

How does it work?

Extreme Mass fuels the caloric surplus required to enable weight, and specifically muscle, gain. Simply put - if you want to build lean muscle mass, you need to consume more calories every day than you burn through exercise or general activity.

While eating a tonne of calories may seem like the dream for some, to others, it can be a serious grind! Especially when the source, and quality, of those calories is important. A 700 calorie Big Mac doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits, and therefore the same muscle building benefits, as 700 calories worth of premium protein and quality carbohydrate - so chowing down on fast food doesn’t fit the bill the way a quality mass gainer can.

Extreme Mass sets itself apart from the market by relying on high quality ingredient courses, so you’re fueling your gains with not just any old bulk - but with seriously nutritious, wholefood derived goodness.

Who is Extreme Mass suitable for?

Extreme Mass is suitable for anyone looking to gain… extreme mass!

Because it is a mass gainer, it obviously isn’t appropriate for anyone trying to lose weight. It is, however, the right choice for anyone in a bulking phase, or anyone who needs additional calories to fuel intense endurance workouts.

Extreme Mass is the perfect choice for those who are conscious of food and nutrient sources, because it only contains ingredients derived from real food.

When should I use it?

As with all of our products, we recommend following all manufacturer guidelines when using Extreme Mass.

Because it is a bulking product, Extreme Mass can be taken as a replacement for a lower calorie snack, or in addition to your current dietary regime. And since it has such a high protein content, there are serious benefits to taking Extreme Mass immediately after a heavy workout.
It can also be taken as a pre-workout energy boost, delivering bulk fuel for the training session ahead.

Our thoughts

Extreme Mass by International Protein is an ideal mass gainer product, specifically designed for those with a fast metabolism who usually struggle to pack on the kilos, or those whose heavy training schedules comes with through-the-roof nutritional requirements.

There are hundreds of mass gainer products bulked out with sugars and fillers - but International Protein have chosen to do it cleanly, utilising only the highest quality, approved ingredients to fuel your workouts and your muscle gains cleanly! Extreme Mass even tastes amazing, taking you back to those childhood chocolate milkshakes and decadent caramel desserts.

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