Jarryd Hayne NFL Combine Workout

Ever since Jarryd Hayne announced that he was leaving to NRL to play American Football the Australian public has been watching.

At first the media were pessimistic about Haynes chances of playing in the big leagues. But despite all odds, Hayne has been signed to the 49ers and is officially an NFL player.

To make the transition Hayne has had to pack on some size and strength. All while becoming more mobile and agile. As a running back is a speed specialist, strength, speed and agility are a must.

Try out the Jarryd Hayne NFL Combine Workout below. Inspired by the NRL Champions offseason regime and the NFL Combines regime.

The Combine Workout

The Jarryd Hayne NFL Combine Workout is physically taxing. And requires a high level of skill to master it with impressive numbers.

40 Yard Dash – The 40 yard dash is one of the most critical aspects of the combine. Testing speed, explosiveness and reaction timing.

Bench Press – This is another endurance test. As many reps as possible at 225lb (2 plates). This is regardless of bodyweight. As the NFL requires a lot of pushing though fending off, push strength is a must.

Vertical Jump – When it comes to lower limb explosiveness the vertical jump is one of the best testing methods.

Broad Jump – This test is similar to the vertical jump in terms of muscles targeted. However it involves starting with the feet shoulder width apart. And then jumping out horizontally as far as possible.

3 Cone Drill – The three cone drill is an agility test designed to test athletes abilities to change direction at high speeds.

Shuttle Run – The shuttle run is another cone drill. In which the athletes lateral quickness and explosiveness over short areas.

To master the Jarryd Hayne NFL Combine Workout see how your numbers compare to the college draft players at the NFL website.

Hayne posted a 4.5 second 40 yard dash. Which would have placed him in the top 10 for Running Backs in this years draft class.

Watch Jarryd Haynes NFL Deal Clinching Training Below

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