Pre Workout

Are you after a different way to take your pre workout... that makes it even more exciting than it already is?!

Try making these 'Pre Workout Jello Shots'...

When to Take | The best time is to consume a pre workout is any time between 15-45 minutes prior to training.

** It is personal preference, but some like to wait for their food to be digested prior to taking pre workout for better absorption into the system

Dosages per day | 1 serving before training (You should not exceed this supplement!)

What Pre Wokout Does? |

  • Immediate energy surge
  • Block feelings of fatigue
  • Enhances focus
  • Performance boost
  • Skin bursting pumps and vascularity



1 scoop of Pre Workout of choice per shot

Sugar Free Jello

(Your preference for flavour)



E.g. Plastic Shot Glasses,

Ice cube tray, etc....

How to Make

  • In a large mixing bowl make up your Jello mixture
  • Per shot glass or ice cube tray, add one pre workout servings per glass or ice cube
  • Pour enough jello mixture into each shot glass or ice cube
  • As ice cube block and shot glasses are quite small, you could use a tooth pick or thin object to mix is needed to ensure Jello mixture and Pre Workout has combined
  • Put in fridge and wait for about 30-60min, the longer you wait the better
  • Enjoy and consume prior to your workout

* Keep in mind there will be carbohydrates in the Macros of your Jello Shots depending on which brand and flavour of jello that you use.

* Secondly, you could mix your pre workout shorts with your jelly mixture. However, when the mixture is divided, you may be unaware of how much mixture of pre workout you are consuming per serve... could be too little or too much. This is why the recipie has advised to do separately.


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