John Cena's 8 Rules of the Gym

John Cena is arguably the biggest name in WWE wrestling, and it will come as no surprise that he is also an avid gym junkie.

Boasting a 505lb bench press, 700+lb deadlift and a 611lb squat. John certainly knows whats what in the gym.

Over his time in theweights room John Cena has put together a comprehensive list of his "Gym Rules" John Cena's 8 Rules of the Gym.

Here they are:

John Cena's 8 Rules of the Gym

No Music

Yep, John Cena is not a fan of listening to his iPod when training, he prefers to hear a crowd cheer or the sound of metal plates clunk!

Ditch the Smith Machine

John is all about the barbell. Squats, deadlifts, snatches you name it. Don't touch the Smith Machine.

Embrace the Squat

Squatting is a major key to growth. And is the best exercise you can do for lower limb development.

Improve your Weaknesses

If your bench rocks, and your squat is average, put more focus on the squat, become overall more powerful.

Put Your Weights Away

There's nothing worse than a messy gym. Respect the gym and put your weights back.

More Recovery the Older You Get

John understands that as we age, our ability to recover declines as well. Be smart about your training and give your boy a chance to recover.

Try new things - And be Prepared to Suck at Them

John new the benefit of olympic lifting for his performance. Yet he admits for the first 6 months, he sucked at it. But he stuck it out and is now very elite in this discipline.

Do the Work

Last on the list of John Cena's 8 Rules of the Gym is plain and simple. You're there to work. Put in the effort and you will be rewarded.

Whats your take on John Cena's 8 Rules of the Gym? Is he on point?

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