Joint Pain

Do you suffer from joint pain? Is it causing you so much discomfort that you find yourself being irritable an frustrated.

Firstly, if so, we are sorry to hear that! However, there are some home remedies you can try in order to soothe (and maybe, hopefully fix) the pain.


Did you know that carrots have been used as an orthodox Chinese remedy to cure joint pain for years! So that in itself is saying something. Try juicing 2 carrots with some lemon juice and consume raw.


Consuming soaked fenugreek seeds can result in instant relief from aching joints pain.


It is so important to ensure you are keeping hydrated on a daily basis. However, in regards to joint pain, water consumption can help by keep the cartilage soft and hydrated.


Gently massaging the affected area can promote blood flow and circulation, lower inflammation and relax the area. If you are unsure about massaging the area, let an experienced doctor, physiotherapist etc., take a look.


Yoga is a great practice to do for sore joints as it will be gentle on the joints. It will promote movement, loosening up the joint (reduce stiffness) which is sure to offer some release to the joint.

Coconut Oil

Melt some coconut oil and use it as a massage oil. It contains a natural pain reliever which promotes blood circulation and lowers joint pain.


Onions are an anti inflammatory!


If you have had an injury, it is important you recover as best you can. Factors that will having major impact with recovery will be rest, correct treatment, medicine and nutrition.

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Joint Formulas

The body does not naturally produce fats, therefore they need to be consumed through diet and/or supplements. Consuming fats help lubricate the joints as well as reduce inflammation and associated pain.

General Health & Wellbeing

Good health and nutrition is vital whilst recovering from an injury to help it heal and speed up the process in which it does.

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