Kai Greene Shoulders and Back Workout

Is your old back routine feeling a bit lack luster lately? Not getting the gains you need in the delts? No Fear! Try out the Kai Greene Shoulders and Back Workout!

When it comes to muscular development. There aren’t many people in this world who are more qualified than the predator Kai Greene. Kai is know for his crazy muscularity and conditioning. Developed over years of training.

In this video, Kai gives you an insight into his crazy new shoulders and back training program. Which is guaranteed to help you add some pounds!

The Warmup

Kai is a massive advocate of warmups before training. Get started with some cardiovascular training on a treadmill for 10 minutes prior to starting.

From there, move onto some abdominal warmups. These are all in a superset for connivence.

  1. Start with some abdominal crunches for 10 reps.
  2. Roll onto your side and perform 10 oblique crunches lifting your knee up to your elbow. Then 10 with a straight leg.
  3. Next up roll back onto your back and perform 20 reps of laying leg raises.
  4. Lastly do some bicycle crunches bringing you elbow to your opposite knee.

Kai Recommends repeating this cycle 3-4 times. The purpose of this is to help stretch and strengthen the abdominals to prevent strain or injury while training.

Kai Greene Shoulders and Back Workout Routine

Thought the warmup was hard? We’ve only just started! Here comes the pain!

Throughout the Kai Greene Shoulders and Back Workout Kai uses a three set system for each exercise. Performing descending reps of 20, 15 and 12. While increasing the weight with each set.

If the reps are too hard, lower the weight. We can’t all lift as heavy as Kai. Kai is all about the contraction. So focus on the mind muscle connection.

Heres the routine!

  1. Underhand lat pulldowns.
  2. Kneeling close grip lat pulldowns. Really focus on squeezing at the bottom of this one.
  3. Wide grip lat pulldowns.
  4. Seated wide grip row.
  5. Wide grip bent over row. Kai performs this one a little differently. instead of pulling towards the mid section Kai pulls directly up focusing on his rear delts.
  6. Barbell upright row.

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