Kai Greene Training Big Ramy

Kai Greene is by far the most talked about man in bodybuilding today. Whether it’s his absence from the Olympia or his launching of his own supplement company Dynamik Muscle. Kai is big news, but his absence from the Olympia this year hasn’t harmed his relationships with fellow competitors. As a video emerged of Kai Greene Training Big Ramy.

Big Ramy is another massively popular Olympia competitor. Tipped by many to be a future Sandow winner.

Ramy recently placed second at the Prague pro, behind Dexter Jackson. In this show Ramy managed to fend off numerous competitor who bested him at the Olympia. How you may ask? Perhaps Kai had a few training tips up his sleeve that helped Ramy get over the line.

Kai Green is well know for his methodical ways and intelligence. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Kai dropped some knowledge bombs on Ramy for how to condition and compete at a higher level.

So what does Kai Greene Training Big Ramy mean to bodybuilding? For starters an unexpected friendship at the top level, which will hopefully result in more content of the two training together. Secondly Kai has just launched his new company so who knows what could happen down that road.

Without further a-do, here is the video of Kai Greene Training Big Ramy!

Watch Kai Greene Training Big Ramy below!

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