Kai Greene wins Arnold Classic Brazil 2016

Kai Greene has made it 3 wins in a row so far in 2016 after taking out first place at the Arnold Classic Brazil.

Kai has now cleaned up the Arnold Classic Ohio, Australia & Brazil in the lead up to the 2016 Mr Olympia contest.

The Official top 5 from the Arnold Classic Brazil were as follows:

1. Kai Greene
2. Juan Morel
3. Lionel Beyeke
4. Vitaly Fateev
5. Ronnie Rockel

Watch Kai's posing from the 2016 Arnold Classic Brazil Below:

After being a controversial withdrawal from last years Mr Olympia fans are ecstatic to see Kai once again pose down with current Mr Olympia Phil Heath. With many thinking this truly could be Kai's year to take out the the hightest honour in bodybuilding.

What are your thoughts on the Kai Greene's chances of taking out this years Mr Olympia? Write your comments below!

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