Kane Sumabat Fat Loss Plan

The Kane Sumabat fat loss plan is nothing revolutionary. No tricks,trade secrets or magical drugs.

This is a man who has dedicated his life to training,nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

He also stays in amazing shape and very lean year round.

His secret? Intelligent planning and small incremental adjustments.

For effective fat loss you want sustainable results over time that you can easily maintain.

The way to achieve this is small,continual changes along your journey to achieve your desired look.

Here’s a quote that Kane made Recently:

“When trying to lower body fat… Curb your enthusiasm. In other words don’t throw everything but the kitchen sink at your diet especially all at once. Pace yourself. In practical terms, you should begin with a modest caloric deficit. Once weight loss plateaus, then increase the caloric deficit by say, 100 to 200 calories. Once it plateaus again then possibly introduce cardio (whether LISS or HIT) for 15 to 20 min two to three times per week. Once weight loss plateaus again, then you could add an OTC thermogenic. And if it plateaus again, then increase caloric deficit. After that, if necessary, increase total cardio time. My whole point is to be patient and only gradually introduce and increase the different variables.”

The best results come to those who persist the longest. Avoiding getting ahead of yourself will mean you achieve great results while maintaining as much lean muscle mass as possible. Focus on losing body fat, not body weight.

Adding all these factors in all at once won’t accelerate results. In fact the dramatic change will likely lead to muscle loss and stalled fat loss.

Consistent Progress

Be patient, work smarter and allow your body to make the changes it needs.

The general rule is if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. If you are still losing body fat at an acceptable rate, don’t change anything.

Keeping as many tricks up your sleeve as possible with lead to the best long term outcome.

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