Karbolyn: Fuel for peak performance

Individuals that undertake regular sessions of high intensity at long duration may experience a severe decline in performance when fuelled primarily by healthy fats and protein. I myself have recently started decreasing my carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of healthy fats I consume, in order to change my bodies preference in primary fuel source. Unfortunately, this has decreased my ability to maintain sustained efforts when working within certain energy systems i.e. power endurance and especially prolonged endurance efforts.

I was promptly introduced to Cyborg Sport Rocket Fuel, a product that promised a fast acting, long lasting performance fuel derived from Corn, Potato and rice presented in the form of homopolysaccharide (a relatively complex carbohydrate). I was instantly impressed with the increase in performance output, I felt fuelled and ready to tackle any workout irrespective of the duration and intensity.

Karbolyn also stack’s fantastically with other products, I use Blackstone Labs Resurgence and it complements the Karbolyn perfectly. I also use a straight BETA – ALANINE which assists with improving endurance and the removal of acidic bi-product that can severely hinder performance. This product has now become a staple in my pre/intra/post workout stack and I recommend it to anyone that suffers from severe energy depletion before, during and after a workout.

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