KC Mitchell That One Leg Monster

KC Mitchell (otherwise known as that one leg monster) would have to be one of the most inspirational guys in the fitness industry.

KC was with the United States Army in Afghanistan and suffered severe injuries when his vehicle hit an IED while on night patrol.

Amongst his injuries were an injured knee, 3rd-degree burns and a fractured lower back.

After 44 total surgeries, KC had to make the tough decision to have his left leg amputated. He then became addicted to prescription painkillers and was in very bad shape.

He made the decision to change his life and improve his health & fitness.

You may know his on Instagram as That One Leg Monster and have seen him training like a savage in the gym but this is a man who has seen rock bottom.

In life, tough things happen to all of us but what defines us is our ability to overcome these.

KC now serves as an inspiration to lifters all around the world. He deadlifts over 500lbs and squats over 400lbs proving there really is no excuses for missing workouts.

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