Libido is colloquially known as one's sex drive or desire for sexual activity.

Lack of libido is more much more common among women then men, however needless to say, it significantly affects both sexes.

A lack of libido can happen at any time for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons however, are lifestyle related. Factors such as...

  • depression
  • stress
  • medications
  • low testosterone
  • being overweights
  • low physical activity
  • substance abuse

just to name a few...

If you feel you may be experiences low libido, don't stress, you are definitely not alone. There is also no need to fear as there are ways to naturally boost and increase your libido!


There are many foods that can be consumed through diet that can help increase libido levels.

Foods great to consume are...

Natural Aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiac foods encourage more blood flow throughout the body, in particular the genitals which will naturally increase sex drive.
Vitamin C Foods It is important to ensure you are consuming adequate Vitamin C on a daily basis as it improves blood circulation to the organs. Vitamin C has also been linked with healthier female libido levels.
Iron Rich Foods Low iron level can have a very negative affect on sex drive. This is a factor (particularly for women) you should be aware of.
Collagen Rich Foods As you age, collagen levels naturally decline. As collagen is responsible for keeping the skin elasticity. Keeping collagen levels up will help with the lower body's firmness. Vitamin C can also helps increase collagen production.
Nuts Some nuts (e.g. Brazil Nuts & Almonds) contain high selenium, which help maintain healthy testosterone levels. They also contian healthy fats which can improve sexual health and reproduction.
Water Dehydration can lead to a number of health effects, low libido being one of them. Ensure you keep hydrated, always!


Lifestyle impacts your libido levels. Below are some factors to take into consideration...

Exercise Lack of exercise could be a contributing factor to low libido levels. However, over exercising can also risk low libido levels. Therefore, it is important to exercise, just don't over do it. Certain exercises can increase human growth hormones. An increase in this hormone increases blood flow (particularly to the genitals), improves mood and your own body perception.
Smoking Smoking decreases sex drive levels and also decreases fertility. To improve you natural fire, blow out your cigarette flame.
Stress Stress can be another detrimental health issue for many factors. Feeling stressed can lower libido levels. It is important to be honest with yourself and know what it is in your life causing you stress. Address the issue and try your best to fix it.
Sleep Ensure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. Waking up not rested can effect our performance (particularly in the bedroom department).


It is important we address any issues we feel we are facing. As mentioned, if you feel you are experiences low libido, you are not alone - it is a very common issue.

If boosting your libido doesn't occur after trailing some natural remedies (like the ones above) we advise you visit an experienced practitioner to help address the issue.

Below are some supplements stocked by Spartansuppz that could assist increase libido levels...

ATP Science

Alpha mars increases the production of free testosterone as well as increasing libido.

Alpha Mars will help help block estrogen and raise free testosterone levels. It will assist in keeping hormones balanced which is crucial for healthy libido levels.

Testosterone Support

Primeval Labs Erosion

Erosion is a unisex product. It increases testosterone, lowers estrogen and increases libido.

Blackstone Labs Epi Test

A powerful testosterone boosting, estrogen blocking product.


A potent testosterone booster.

Sleep Aids

While you sleep, hormone production is at its peak. If you are interested in improving overall quality of sleep, here are our top sleep aids..

Stress Control

Core Nutritional Core Hard Extreme

This products overall goal is to increase lean muscle mass and density. However, it also contains cortisol lowering properties to decrease physical stress.

ATP Science Cort RX

This product has been designed to optimise the adrenal system and support better general function as well as reducing stress response. It helps maintain healthy cortisol levels.

Animal Cuts

Is a fat burner product however contains Cortisol Inhibiting Complex which keeps cortisol levels under control.


Protein will help in muscle growth. It will also help with recovery. The less stress the body is under (focusing on muscle soreness), the better quality of testosterone you will produce.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

The top protein powders we currently stock are...

Health & Wellbeing

Your overall general health and wellbeing is crucial for healthy testosterone levels. Maintaining good health and little stress will help keep your body functioning and ensure all your hormones are balanced.

Here are some of our top health products... Including Vitamin C & Fish Oils (healthy fats).

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