Limited Edition Oxyshred Pina Colada


EHP Labs are world renown for their fat burning supplement Oxyshred, this insanely comprehensive and delicious supplement has gained a massive following and has led the fat-burning industry since 2012.

If your goal is to lean down and decrease the amount of body fat, eat cleaner more nutrient-dense foods or simply just perform better whether it be outside or inside the gym.
We would definitely recommend trying Oxyshred, and you can thank us later!


      In reference to effects, EHP Labs OxyShred is a complete thermogenic fat burning supplement.

      This fat burning product is going to provide mobilise stubborn body fat as well as transport it to the cells where it can be burned for energy.

      Product highlights:

      • Proven Thermogenics
      • Fat Metabolisers
      • 7 Great Flavours
      • Perfect Pre-cardio/exercise
      • Excellent Value For Money

      Oxyshred uses proven metabolic stimulators to increase the number of calories your body is able to burn throughout the day and also assists in giving a very clean nice energy kick as well.

      Click the video below to access the Oxyshred Video Review featuring Spartansuppz Managing Director Patrick Dickson.

      Limited Edition Flavour - Pina Colada

        Oxyshred comes in 7 delicious flavours, you can purchase Oxyshred in Kiwi Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Melon, Guava Paradise, Wild Melon, Mango & Pina Colada!

        In reference to Pina Colada Flavour system, you really won't be disappointed!
        When you consume this mouth-watering fat burning product you can expect a very fruity pineapple taste to start off before a very smooth coconut taste works very synergistically with the pineapple to make the ultimate tasting fat-burning supplement.

        If you're not into overly sweet tasting products, don't stress because they have really nailed this product with it just in the middle of not being too sweet but just plain delicious!

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