Marc Lobliner Back Workout

BOOM! As part of the Australian Gainz Tour. Spartans Gym Ballarat hosted Marc Lobliner, Doug Miller and Sean Torbati for a gym seminar followed up by a epic back workout!

Marc is an accomplished businessman and CEO of MTS Nutrition. The creators of the crazy popular Machine Whey. Aside from his business accomplishments Marc is also a NABBA Pro Bodybuilder, who isn’t a stranger when it comes to training hard!

Want to try the Marc Lobliner Back Workout for yourself? Here it is!

Start off with 5 sets of lat pulldowns for sets of up to 10 reps. This is more of a warmup to get blood flowing to the back muscles.

Next move onto some high-pull iso lateral rows. With 5 working sets each arm up to 8 reps. Focusing on controlling the weight over lifting heavy.

Now it’s time to go heavy. Move onto a chest supported iso lateral row and work your way up to 4 sets each arm for sets of 8. This one is a strength builder, so go heavy!

This is where the Marc Lobliner Back Workout gets interesting. From the iso lateral row we move onto the real mass builder of the workout, deadlifts. Marc worked his way up to a one rep max. Performing sets of 2 on the way up to help build strength and power.

If your deadlift max is 200kg. We recommend working up following this method: 125kg x 3, 145 x 3, 165 x 1, 180 x 1, 190 x 1, 200 x 1.

Working up following a method similar to above will allow you to optimise speed and power throughout the exercise.

After deadlifts move onto some bent over barbell rows. Perform 3 sets of 5 reps to finish off your back workout.

Once you have finished the bent over rows your back should be well and truly spent! Make sure you consume some gainz such as Machine Whey post training to ensure you recover fully.

Need some motivation for the Marc Lobliner Back Workout? Watch the highlights of his session at Spartans Gym & Supplements here:

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