Mark Bell’s Sling Shot Demonstration

Business development manager Declan Boyle and Boss-Hogg Patrick Dickson give an in depth discussion and demonstration on the Reactive Sling Shot by Mark Bell, reviewing how you can incorporate the Sling Shot into your routine to gain extra pounds onto you bench!

The Reactive Sling Shot is the most versatile Sling Shot in the range, allowing users to burst through plateaus like never before. Speed is the emphasis of the Reactive Sling Shot, with it allowing you to perform the movement in an explosive manner due to the elasticity of the material and the fact that it acts like a literal slingshot being pulled across your chest making the bar speed increase dramatically in the pressing phase.

Not only is the Reactive Sling Shot going to help in increasing your bench press speed, but it is also going to hammer in good form, bar path and overall tightness on the bench which in turn crosses over to you becoming not only a stronger bench-presser but a far more efficient bench-presser.

However the Reactive Sling Shot is not limited to only the bench press, it can be used for a variety of chest and tricep exercises such as pushups and dips allowing you to explode through the concentric phase of the movement helping you become more explosive in those movements as well as crossing over to becoming more explosive in you benchpress.

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